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Abstract: How to retrofit an on-board computer system to non equipped models

Applies to: BMW 3 Series 1999-2005 - 6 cylinder models (platform: E46)

On-board computer, retrofit

In this article we will replace the standard (w/o on-board computer) directional stalk with an On-board computer stalk and then reprogram the instrument cluster using a factory scan tool to access the on board features.

Please refer to the Bentley E46 Service manual for appropriate repair procedures, including all pertinent warnings and cautions.

  • remove air bag

Airbags are pyrotechnic explosive devices. Proper removal procedures must be followed when servicing these systems. Use car when working on vehicles fitted with airbags.

  • remove steering wheel
  • remove clock spring
  • remove and replace directional stalk with part #61 31 8 363 668



  • reinstall in reverse order
  • enter coding program funtion with GT-1 or equivalent. We will show the procedure with a GT-1.
  • Following images show each screen shots of retrofit procedure using BMW GT1 scan tool.

  • Once complete with on-screen direction retrofit is complete.

You should now have option on instrument cluster to view

  • temperature
  • MPG
  • Time





On-board computer retrofit for 1999 - 2005 3 series (E46)


  1. Anonymous

    Cool article, thanks for posting - Charlie

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for your comments; let me know what other topics you'd like to see.

      1. Anonymous

        How can we replace the final blower resistor unit in a 2000 323i?

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