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Can I use eBahn® Desktop on a Mac?

Currently, Apple Macintosh and O/S X are not supported.

Virtualization is also not supported, although some users have reported success with VMware Fusion and Parallels for Mac System 10.

Here is some feedback on this topic from an eBahn customer:

I run eBahn on my Mac using VMWare Fusion, with Windows XP installed on the virtual machine.
Mac users do need to purchase a license to Fusion, and to Windows XP – other than that, it is just like running it on a native Windows machine.

It should also be possible to run eBahn using BootCamp (in which case the Mac is literally a Windows machine), but I have not tried that.

Your feedback, including screen shots, would certainly be welcomed: submit feedback

System Requirements

Can I use eBahn® Desktop on a Macintosh?

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