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Abstract: Reset procedure for tire pressure monitoring system

Applies to: MINI Cooper: 2007-2011 (R56, R55, R57)


  • Check and set tire pressure on all four tires.
  • Press BC button on turn signal stalk to scroll through on-board computer menu.
  • When SET/INFO is displayed press and hold BC button until SET is displayed.
  • Use BC button to scroll to TPM Reset. A picture of a tire and the phrase ACTIVE RESET will be displayed on screen.
  • Press and hold BC button until RESTTING is displayed.
  • Drive vehicle. TPMS warning light will go out when system resets.

Before Performing any Work

Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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How To Reset Tire Pressure Monitor (VIDEO) - MINI Cooper 2007-2011 (R56, R55, R57)

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