Abstract: Vista "User Accounts Control" (UAC) is part of the Vista operating system's security infrastructure. This article addresses adjusting settings in Vista "User Accounts Control" (UAC) to permit eBahn operation. It will show you how to Vista UAC to "ON."

Applies to: eBahn 3, Windows Vista


Turning the User Accounts Control "ON"


Please note that this requires restarting your computer.

When the "Run this Program as Administrator" box in eBahn icon Properties is greyed out, you will need to turn the User Account Controls "ON"

  • In the Control Panel, please choose the "User Accounts and Family Safety"

  • Next, go into "User Accounts"

  • Now click on "Turn User Account Control on or off"

  • Check the box and press "okay"

Note: You will need to restart your computer in order to reflect this change.

  • After you have reset the User Account Control, you will need to right-click on the eBahn icon, go to Properties>Compatibility and check off "Run this Program as Administrator"

eBahn should now run normally.

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