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Engine Control Module (ECM), replacing

Component Locations

J220 - Motronic Engine Control Module (ECM) (2.0 ltr. engine)

  • in plenum, center
  • for gasoline engine with motronic MFI


Check control module identification of the previous Engine Control Module (ECM) as follows:
- Connect diagnostic tester.
- Switch ignition on.
- Under address word 33, select "Diagnostic mode 9: Vehicle information".
- Select vehicle information "Test-ID 04: Calibration Identification". Control module identification will be displayed, e.g.: 06A906032MC4622
- End diagnosis and switch ignition off.
- Remove wiper arms and wind cowl.
- Then disengage connector from control module and disconnect.
- Press mounting bracket -arrow- toward left and pull control module out.


- Insert new control module into mounting frame.
- Install connector for control module and engage.
- Check whether new control module identification matches old control module identification.
- Generate readiness code..

Engine Control Module (ECM), replacing (AVH, AZG, BBW, BEV)

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