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Fuel Injectors, checking

Only vehicles with engine code ALH

Engine is equipped with 2-spring injectors. Injection of the fuel quantity thereby occurs in 2 stages. These injectors are to be exchanged if malfunctions occur as neither servicing nor pressure setting is possible.

Recommended special tools and equipment
  • Injector test unit V.A.G 1322 with pressure line V.A.G 1322/2
Test requirement
  • Pressure gauge switched on
Checking injection pressure


When testing injectors, keep hands away from the fuel spray, because the fuel penetrates the skin at high pressure and can cause severe injuries.

- Connect injector to injector test unit.

- Slowly press the pump lever downward. Read out the injection pressure at beginning of injection. If injection pressure deviates from the specified value, replace the injectors. See repair manual, removing and installing fuel injectors. Specified values: (Positive pressure) New injectors: 220 to 230 bar. Wear limit: 200 bar

Checking for proper seal

- Slowly press pump lever downward and maintain pressure at approx. 150 bar for 10 seconds. This prevents fuel dripping from injector opening.
- Replace fuel injector if leaking. See repair manual, removing and installing fuel injectors.

Fuel injectors, checking (ALH)

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