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Abstract: Glossary of Licensing and other special eBahn terms, including concepts of registering, activating, subscribing, licensing, etc. can sometimes get confusing. Here's a glossary of how we at Bentley Publishers use these terms:



- refers to "unlocking" your eBahn® Reader software, allowing you to view the service information. Activation can happen three ways
(1) auto-activate online (during installation)
(2) manually activate using the License Manager on the eBahn® Desktop
(3) an "off-line" activation (for an eBahn® Desktop on a computer that has no internet connection) accessing the Member Center on a computer with an internet connection
There are 3 things that "link" the eBahn Reader to your computer:
(1) a serial number, which generates an activation key
(2) the unique device ID of your computer (computer ID)
(3) your email address


- allows you to remove the link between the eBahn® Desktop and your computer. You can move your authorized eBahn® Desktop to a new computer--or if you reformat your hard drive--without assistance from software support. You can do this up to 5 times per year - on 2 (or 3 for ePro users) separate computers simultaneously (maybe 1 in the shop, 1 in the office?).

eBahn® Desktop

- the application that allows users to view service information locally on up to 2 computers (different from viewing a website on the internet) and includes:
(1) eBahn® Reader software
(2) eBahn installer software
(3) eBahn updater software
(4) eBahn service information

eBahn Pro (or ePro)

- is the professional version of eBahn® Desktop, which allows access to all Audi and Volkswagen vehicles using just 1 all-inclusive serial number

eBahn® Reader

- the software that allows users to view service information


- a more general term that describes the product you are purchasing from Bentley Publishers, allowing the end user to view and use the service information in eBahn products for personal use only. Click here to read the eBahn® license agreement.

License Manager

- is a tool on the eBahn® Desktop that allows you to locally adminster your licenses (activate, deactivate) and synchronize your email address.


- your Member Center profile is not only your contact and shipping information, it also includes your email address, which is used to identify you when registering, activating or updating your eBahn product

Registration & "Full Registration"

- At a minimum, registering your eBahn product simply means that the product is associated with your profile during activation. As a condition of technical support, however, Full Registration, including valid email, your name, address and telephone number are required. This additional information gives us much greater flexibility in supporting licensing problems, and significantly decreased boot-legging related costs.

Serial Number

- is the number that generates an activation key. Purchase of an eBahn® Desktop license includes 2 serial numbers. eBahn Pro includes 3 serial numbers.


- Updates usually refers to updates to Repair Information Content, within eBahn Reader.


- Refers to upgrading your software, from the outdated eBahn Reader versions 1.x or 2.x to a newer version. The current eBahn® Desktop is version 3.1.

Glossary & Licensing Terms

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