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Applies to: eBahn 3

What if I am not connected to the internet?

An internet connection is not necessary for activation, but it makes the process quick and easy. You can choose to activate offline, but this method requires additional steps. Activating offline still requires the use of the License Manager, but instead your computer sending the information to us over the internet, you must do it. The License Manager will give you a set of numbers that can be used at our online kiosk or called in to Software Support for a phone-based activation.

Although the computer that you install the eBahn software on does not have to have an Internet connection, you will need to have access to a computer that does in order to activate the content. Below are instructions to activate the eBahn program on a PC without Internet access:

Obtaining the Content Activation Key

1) Double-click the eBahn icon on your desktop

2) If an activation page does not appear, click License Manager - Activate content

3) Select 'no' for Internet Connection and click Next

4) Enter the serial number to be activated and click Next

5) A page that says Obtain the Content Activation will appear.

6) Print this page for reference. You will need the computer ID and computer nickname. You can view the computer ID anytime under Help > About

Activating your eBahn Software Package

1) Go to and click Member Center on the left hand side.

2) Log in with your e-mail address and password.

3) Click the Products tab at the top of the page

3a) If the serial numbers are not listed, enter one of them under the Add Product Registration section and click the Register Now button.

4) The serial numbers will appear on your screen with an Offline Activation button.

5) Click the Offline Activation button.

6) Select On new computer and enter the Computer Name and Computer Id that appeared on the registration screen.

7) Click the Activate button and you will receive an activation key.

8) Enter the content key on the eBahn 3 registration page and you will be done.

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