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eBahn 2 No Longer Supported

eBahn® Version 2 was discontinued December 2004. Support end of life (EOL) for eBahn® version 2.x was December 2007. Although eBahn 2 licenses remain valid, the since 2004, many changes external changes have occurred in the world of computing, including significant upgrades (and patches) to Windows, and to the device drivers for video and other system resources necessary for newer computers.

As of January 2008, eBahn 3 is the only supported version of eBahn. You will need to upgrade your eBahn version for continued support.

For more information on how to upgrade to the current version of eBahn®, please use the following link: Upgrading to eBahn® Desktop Version 3.x

eBahn 2 No Longer Supported (EOL 2007)

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