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Occasionally, one of the products we offer goes temporarily out of stock. If it turns out that an item you've ordered is unavailable at the time of your order, we'll send you an email to let you know about it. We'll also try and give you an estimate of when we're expecting it back in stock and leave it up to you whether you want to keep the order as a backorder or cancel the order completely.

When your item is backordered, we will retain your order information and process the order if the item comes back into stock within sixty days. We will then charge your credit card when we ship your order. We'll let you know when that happens and send you the package tracking number(s) by email.

If the backorder takes longer than sixty days to arrive, we will cancel your backorder and send you an email with the item information once it comes back into stock.  We'll send this email to the email address you used to place your order, so make sure you give us a valid email address. 
If you've ordered multiple items, we'll only charge you for the shipping on the in-stock items.

What if the item I ordered is out of stock or on backorder?

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