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Abstract: eBahn Desktop comes with 2 License Serial Numbers. These Serial Numbers are bound to specific computers during the activation process. This article covers initial eBahn Desktop License Activation, and then the deactivation and transfer of licenses to other computers.

Applies to: eBahn 3

Activating, Deactivating, Licensing, Transfering


Most users take advantage of auto-activation when they first install their eBahn® Desktop software.

  • insert the DVD and follow the on-screen instructions
  • type in the serial number for the vehicle when prompted (found inside the DVD case)
  • done - the eBahn Installer / License Manager will automatically activate your software. You'll get an email with the activation key for your records.

Click here to view the Activating walk-through.

Manual Activation

If you can't auto-activate, you can still install the software, even though you will be locked from viewing content until activation is successful. You can activate a license for a vehicle in one of two ways, using the License Manager:


Before moving your software to another computer, or if you need to re-format your existing one, deactivating your licenses will make the transition easier.

Transferring an eBahn License to another computer

The License Manager is how you manage your serial number (licenses) and the computers on which they are activated. Activation ties a serial number to a specific computer. The License Manager supports deactivating a serial number, which will then allow you to install your eBahn license on a new computer and activate it there. Once you have re-installed eBahn® Desktop and the content for your vehicle on the new computer, the activation is the same process as it was when you first installed and activated your content.

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