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Abstract: How to replace an F30 3 Series cabin filter 2012-2015

Applies to: BMW 3 series 2012-2015 (platform: F30, F31, F34,)

Featured Manual: BentleyPublishers' BMW 3 Series (F30, F31, F34) service manual 2012-2015 -



Topic: This video outlines the brief steps needed to change the heating and air conditioning cabin filter, also called the cabin microfilter on a F30 series BMW. Earlier and later F30 3 and 4 series models are similar.

BMW recommends replacing the filter once a year or every 12,000 miles.

A cabin air filter helps to trap pollutants like pollen, soot, and dust, bacteria, gases and other contaminants from getting inside your vehicle.

New parts and supplies referred to include the following BMW part numbers:
- Activated charcoal cabin filter p/n 64119237555
- Paper cabin filter p/n 64119237554

This video demonstrates highlights of one particular repair experience. Your work may be different. Follow manufacturer's safety instructions and repair guidelines and information, cautions and warnings in the video, and general cautions and warnings at:

Demonstration Vehicle: Bentley Publishers' Do-It-Yourself repair example uses a 2015 BMW 335i xDrive (F30) .

Additional information and updates to Bentley Manual may be found at:
BMW 3 Series MY 2012 - 2015 (F30, F31, F34) - Repair Information

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BMW 3 Series 2012-2015 (F30, F31, F34) Cabin filter DIY replacement (video)

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