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Section Z - Scan Tool

ABS/EDL/ASR Coding Table

ABS Control Module Coding Variations 3, Bosch ABS/EDL/ASR 5.3

Engine Code

Equipment Level 1

Code 2


Manual Transmission, ASR



Automatic Transmission, ASR



Manual Transmission, ASR, CAN-BUS



Automatic transmission, ASR, CAN-BUS



Manual Transmission, ASR, CAN-BUS



Automatic Transmission, ASR, CAN-BUS



  1. Anti-Slip Regulation is not installed on vehicles with 4Motion all wheel drive. Coding of the ABS control module is not possible in these vehicles.
  2. Only the codes listed above are recognized as valid.
  3. Access through Address Word 03.

Before Performing any Work

Please read Cautions and Warnings before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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ABS-EDL-ASR Coding Table - page Z-31 (VP02)


  1. Anonymous

    Thank you so much tis information is a big help for people like me.I have one question can snap on scanners do this coding. Thanks

    1. You would have to check with your local Snap On rep.

  2. Anonymous

    hello, i got an Audi A4 B5 with 5.3 ABS . If i add a similar pump with ABS/EDL/ASR will it work? All i have to do is put the wiring for buttons/lights right?


    1. You need a pump with the same part number and color colding (if color coding applies to your model).

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Nick   I have a 2000 passat 1.8T .. The abs light is on, the brake light flashes and the dash moniter flashes stop, brake fault.  I hooked a snap-on scanner on the car and it read:   18057 Powertrain Data Bus Missing Message from ABS ECU   P 1649  Can you tell what my problem is and what parts are needed to fix?  Thanks for your help   Frank

    1. Frank,
      The codes refer to a loss im communicatiom between the instrument cluster and the ABS control module. This is a fairly common fault.
      You will have to check power to grounds to both modules and the data line itself. The ABS module itself is a high failure unit


      1. Anonymous

        Hi Nick I  left my car outside the other nite during heavy rain  (I live in Vermont)  The next  morning everything worked fine, no abs or brake lights flashing. for about ten minutes before they came back on.. Did moisture effect the wiring or wheel sensors?  Frank

        1. Moisture may be an issue in the ABS module connector. You can try; unplugging and cleaning with electrical connector cleaner. However, when this problem occurs it's usually due to a breakage in the solder at the bus connection to the module.

          1. Anonymous

            Nick   If it turns out to be a broken solder connection   Is that something I can fix myself after removing the module from the car?

            1. If you have a solder station and are confortable working with human hair sized wires, go for it. You can get instructions on how to do it. I have seen them floating around the web. You can have it reapired and it's fairly affordable, this is safer , IMO.

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