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Abstract: Replacing valve body, aisin 6-speed transmission

Applies to: MINI Cooper: 2007-2010 (R56, R55, R57)

  • After completion of work, check transmission fluid level.
  • Required fluid amount for refill after repair: 4.8 US quart (4.5 liters).



Use MINI approved automatic transmission fluid.
Do not drain transmission oil before transmission has cooled down.

  • Drain transmission fluid into a suitable container.
    -To help with refilling, make a note of drained ATF quantity.
  • Remove transmission fluid pan.
  • Remove transmission oil strainer (filter) fasteners, then remove strainer.
  • Bend open retaining lugs (1) of hand valve lever.
    Slacken nut (2).
  • Remove hand lever (3).
  • Release connectors (1/2) from holders and disconnect.
  • Release screw (1).
  • Remove oil temperature sensor (2) with locking plate (3).
  • Disconnect plugs of magnet and pressure valves.
    -Note routing of cables.
  • When removing selector unit, slide in gear selector valve (1) and hold down.
  • Note screws have different lengths.
    -Numbers: 4,6,10,12=28 mm.
    -Numbers: 2,3,5,7,8,11=21 mm.
    -Numbers: 1,9=16 mm.
  • First release screws uniformly in specified order and then remove.
  • Remove selector unit.
    Note location of cable clip and cables.
  • Under the selector unit at the end of the gear selector lever is the accumulator plunger (1) with spring.
  • Hold accumulator plunger (1) and spring firmly when removing selector unit.
  • Moisten accumulator plunger and spring with ATF.
  • Install selector unit, accumulator plunger and spring simultaneously.
  • Before installing selector unit, secure cable with adhesive tape in installation location on housing.
  • Insert screws slightly during installation, align selector unit and tighten down in specified order.
  • Tightening torque and angle of rotation must be observed.

    Tightening Torque

    Drain plug to transmission oil pan

    27 Nm (20 ft-lb)

    Oil filler plug to transmission housing

    25 Nm (18.4 ft-lb)

    Oil pan to transmission

    8 Nm (6 ft-lb)

    AISIN gear selector valve and oil temperature sensor

    10 Nm (7.3 ft-lb)

    Valve body to transmission

    8 Nm (6 ft-lb) + 90 degrees

Before Performing any Work


Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle



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Valve body, replacing - MINI Cooper R56, R55, R57 (aisin 6 speed automatic transmission)

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