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Oil filter housing bracket (pedestal), removing and installing (M54 engine)

  • Disconnect battery negative cable.
  • Loosen oil filter cover to allow oil in filter housing to flow into oil pan.
  • Remove alternator drive belt and unbolt alternator from oil filter housing bracket.
  • Empty power steering reservoir tank and then unbolt tank and move to one side (lines remain connected).
  • Unbolt power steering pump from oil filter housing bracket pump (lines remain connected).
  • Remove alternator drive belt tensioner.
  • Disconnect harness connector from oil pressure switch.
  • Disconnect harness connector for oil temperature switch.
  • Disconnect oil pressure line for VANOS adjustment unit from oil filter housing.
  • Remove bolts (arrows) and remove complete oil filter housing bracket.

  • Remove old profile gasket and install new gasket (arrow).

Installation is reverse of removal. Keep in mind the following:

  • BMW does not specify a unique torque for the oil filter housing bracket bolts. General tightening torque based on bolt grade is given below.


Bolt grade is marked on bolt head

  • Be sure to align bracket to locating dowels (arrows).

  • Reconnect all harness connectors previously removed.
  • Check engine oil level and power steering fluid level upon job completion.
  • Reconnect battery negative cable.
Tightening torque

M8 (8.8 grade). . . 24  NM (18 ft-lb)
M8 (10.9 grade). . . 34 NM (25 ft-lb)

Before Performing any Work

Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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BMW 5 Series (E60) Oil filter housing gasket, replacing (M54 engine)

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