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Oil filter housing, removing and installing (M52, M52 TU, M54 engines)

  • Disconnect battery negative cable.
  • Loosen oil filter cover to allow oil in filter housing to flow into oil pan.
  • Remove alternator drive belt and unbolt alternator from oil filter housing bracket.
  • Empty power steering reservoir tank and then unbolt tank and move to one side (lines remain connected).
  • Unbolt power steering pump from oil filter housing bracket pump (lines remain connected).
  • Remove alternator drive belt tensioner.
  • Disconnect harness connector from oil pressure switch.
  • Disconnect harness connector for oil temperature switch.
  • Disconnect oil pressure line for VANOS adjustment unit from oil filter housing.
  • Remove bolts and remove complete full-flow oil filter.


Pinch clips (arrows) to disconnect vent line from cylinder head cover.


Remove ignition coils:
* Disconnect ignition coil harness connectors.
* Remove coil mounting fasteners.
* Remove coils.
* Remove ground straps.
* Set coil harness to side of engine compartment.


Note location of all ground wires. Failure to reinstall grounds can result in permanent damage to engine control module or ignition system components.

Remove cylinder head cover mounting fasteners and remove cylinder head cover.


In order to reinstall cylinder head cover mounting bolt insulator and gaskets in their original locations, make note of their arrangement during removal.


Installation is reverse of removal. Keep in mind the following:
* Make sure sealing surfaces are clean and free of old gasket material.
* Replace cylinder head cover gasket, as well as rubber insulators and seals as necessary.
* Use a small amount of 3-Bond®1209 adhesive or equivalent at corners (arrows) of half-moon cut-outs at back of cylinder head.
* Seat gasket and seal corners in front of cylinder head at VANOS unit.
* Inspect cylinder head cover mounting screw assembly rubber seals. Replace if rubber is cracked or brittle.

Tightening torque

Cylinder head cover to cylinder head . . . 10 NM (89 in-lb)

_Cylinder Head_


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Before Performing any Work

Please read [Cautions and Warnings|] before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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BMW M52, M54 Oil filter housing gasket, replacing

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