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Oil filter housing bracket (pedestal), removing and installing (M52, M52 TU, M54 engines)

  • Disconnect battery negative (minus) cable and cover cable end with insulating material.
  • Loosen oil filter cover to allow oil in filter housing to drain into oil pan.
  • Remove alternator drive belt and unbolt alternator from oil filter housing bracket.
  • Empty power steering reservoir tank and then unbolt tank and move to one side (lines remain connected).
  • Unbolt power steering pump from oil filter housing bracket pump (lines remain connected).
  • Remove alternator drive belt tensioner.
  • Disconnect electrical connector from oil pressure switch.
  • Disconnect electrical connector for oil temperature switch.
  • Disconnect VANOS solenoid oil pressure line from oil filter housing.
  • Remove bolts (arrows) and remove complete oil filter housing bracket.

  • Remove oil filter housing profile gasket and install new gasket (arrow).

Installation is reverse of removal. Keep in mind the following:

  • BMW does not specify a unique torque for the oil filter housing bracket bolts. General tightening torque based on bolt grade is given below.



Bolt grade is marked on bolt head

  • Be sure to align bracket to locating dowels (arrows).

  • Reconnect all harness connectors previously removed.
  • Check engine oil level and power steering fluid level upon job completion.
  • Reconnect battery negative (minus) cable.
Tightening torque

M8 (8.8 grade). . . 24  NM (18 ft-lb)
M8 (10.9 grade). . . 34 NM (25 ft-lb)

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BMW 3 Series E46 Oil filter housing gasket, replacing (M52, M52 TU, M54 engines)

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    A note in case your'e doing this on an AWD (xi) model:

    The xi models have a large steel reinforcement structure on the underside (part no. 31101096954), which effectively blocks access to the lower bolt holding the power steering pump to the oil filter housing. You may find it simpler to remove the six bolts holding the oil filter housing together before removing the bolt holding the power steering pump to the oil filter housing. You can then lift out the oil filter housing and power steering pump together, and then unbolt the lower bolt, after you have lifted it up to where it is accessible.

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