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Abstract: Front wheel bearing replacing.

Applies to: 2004 through 2009 Model Year Prius

Before Performing any Work


Please read Cautions and Warnings before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

  • Raise and support vehicle safely.
  • Remove front wheel.
  • Remove front wheel speed sensor.
  • Remove front brake caliper mounting bolts (arrows).
  • Remove and suspend brake caliper using stiff wire.
  • Remove front brake rotor.
  • Remove tie rod end from steering knuckle.
  • Remove lower ball joint fasteners and seperate ball joint from lower control arm.
  • Remove drive axle.
  • Remove strut bolts (arrows).
  • Remove steering knuckle from vehicle.
  • Mount steering knuckle in vise. Using a flat bladed screwdriver remove axle dust boot.
  • Using a ball joint press, remove ball joint from steering knuckle.
  • Remove wheel hub fateners (arrows) and remove wheel hub from steering knuckle.
  • Installation is reverse of removal.

    Torque Specifications

    Front wheel hub to steering knuckle

    56 Nm (41 ft-lb)

    Front lower ball joint to steering knuckle (castle nut)

    71 Nm (52 ft-lb)

    Lower ball joint to control arm

    89 Nm (66 ft-lb)

    Front strut to steering knuckle

    153 Nm (113 ft-lb)

    Front brake caliper to steering knuckle

    109 Nm (81 ft-lb)

    Front axle nut to wheel hub

    216 Nm (159 ft-lb)

    Wheel to wheel hub

    103 Nm (76 ft-lb)

    Tie rod end lock nut

    74 Nm (54 ft-lb)

    Ties rod end to steering knuckle

    49 Nm (36 ft-lb)

Front wheel hub - bearing, removing and installing

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