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Abstract: This article lists updates and additions to the Bentley Volvo 240 1983-1993 Repair Manual (L293)

Applies to: Volvo 240 1983-1993


Additional information


The VIN list shows "O" as the letter for '93, should be "P". Correct in 10th printing.


Fig. B10106, Fuel Pump/Filter misidentified


Fig. 3. Shows front of camshaft. Figure caption references rubber plug, which is for B21/23 engine only.


Step 9 text ("pull") disagrees with Fig. 9 caption ("push"), but either way will work to compress belt tensioner spring.


Step 7. "See Fig. 11" should conclude Step 6 (reference to guide plate).
Volvo 240, B230 engine, crankshaft pulley bolt torque (page 215-5 correction)


Tightening Torque stage 2 should be 1/6 turn (60°) (not 90°)
Volvo 240, B230 engine, crankshaft pulley bolt torque (page 215-5 correction)


Fig. 11 Camshaft sprocket should be Crankshaft. Correct in 10th printing.
Volvo 240, B230 engine, crankshaft pulley bolt torque (page 215-5 correction)


B230 crank pulley bolt tightening torque would be helpful on this page (Stage 1 @ 44 ft. lb., Stage 2 additional 1/6 tun ( 60° angle))


Oil pressure gauge info not covered in Repair Group 380 Instruments, as referenced in paragraph under "Oil Pressure Warning System


"Relieving Fuel Pressure" Pulling fuel pump fuse will cause the engine to run out of injector-opening fuel pressure, but there will still be some pressure in the lines. Wrapping the line fitting with an absorbent cloth and then gently cracking the fitting open is this best method.


"to test start injector" Step 2 says to disable ignition "as described in Chapter 280" (remove wires from Coil terminal #1). But the fuel pump relay won't energize without pulses from coil. This means there will be just residual fuel pressure in Step 5 to test the Cold Start Injector.


Can't adjust dwell (Step 5) with O2 sensor disconnected (Step 4). ECU needs O2 input in order to vary the dwell, based on mixture adjustments. (With no O2 input, the ECU defaults to a preset duty cycle.) Much better coverage of this subject in Chapter 253, Emission Control.


Same problem, Open loop frequency will be a fixed default value.


Fig. 2 is an LH-2.4 system (note OBD module).


Step 2 (top left)  there will be no battery voltage at fuel pump relay terminal 86 with key off (will be voltage at term. 86 on system relay with key off). To see voltage at fuel relay 86, the key must be ON.


"To test main relay (LH-2.2, LH-2.4, LH-3.1)", Step 3, change terminal 86 to 85.


AMM idle mixture pot step 5: "The resistance should decrease as the screw is turned clockwise..." Wrong---It should increase clockwise.


Fig.13 arrow points to location of old Constant Idle System Temp Sensor. Should point to location under #3 runner, per text.


Step 3 is OK for LH2.2 (single element) sensor, but not for dual element LH2.4/3/1 sensor, which needs to be measured from each terminal to sensor body to test each element.


Step 3 won't work because TPS is unplugged (in Step 2). The ground path goes from TPS terminal 2 internally to terminal 18, and then out thru the connector wire to ground on the throttle pulley bracket.


Right lower, To replace throttle switch. Step 3 "...adjust it as described below". Below should be "above".


To test oxygen sensor heater. Step 9: FI relay must be energized (requires cranking/running) to put voltage on the r/y wire.


Check, adjust idle mixture using dwell meter or LED test light. LED applies only LH2.2.


Step 7: Dwell meter fluctuation rate is important, as it shows the oxygen sensor switching rate between lean and rich, roughly 1-2 per second.


Step 9, the terms "lean" and "richen" are reversed. Left (CCW) = Lean, Right (CW) = Richen.


Top right, Step 4 should refer to Fig. 7 not 8.


Replacing intake manifold, it's not necessary to drain coolant.


Step 8, O2 voltage at 0.5 volts would indicate a dead sensor.


For consistency with FI OBD text in Chapter 241, the "To read self-diagnostic fault codes" heading should have (diagnostic control function 1) beneath. [What we usually call "OBD Mode 1"


Again..."To make diagnostic function check" should have (diagnostic control function 2) beneath. [OBD Mode 2


Fig. 10 shows a B27/28 distributor


Step 1..."four harness connectors" [four?] ..."two at the firewall"
but only the CU and dist are discussed.


Step 6, last sentence. "connected" should say "removed".


Last item on page says temp sensor is between 1&2, should be 3&4. Also see Fig. 23 comment below.


Fig 23 shows something we don't recognize as a U.S. red block.


Step 7. Use of ECU to mean ICU may be correct but is confusing.


Step 8 (referring to ICU): ohmmeter should connect between 23 and 20, not 10 and 20. CPS wiring to ICU is 23=signal, 10=return (grounded in ICU), 11=shield (grounded in ICU). ICU pin 20 leads to external ground.


Step 10, coil resistance secondary should be 6.5-9.0 Kohms.


Fig.3. Solenoid terminal 16 is +12 when cranking


Fuse 6 is not "main fuel pump" for 1985-1990. It became such from '91 till late '93, but then was replaced by a 4-element underhood fuse block.
Could say "not used on U.S. cars 1985-1990"


Fuse 11 does not supply voltage to "ignition system (1983-1984)".
The common side of fuses 11-12-13 is used as a junction for voltage FROM the ignition switch TO the ignition system (which has no fuse). The ignition system voltage comes from the common 11-12-13 fuse INput side.


LH fuel injection for 1983 is 12, and 1984 is 13.


Wiring diagram component ID number errors:
• In the pictures, numbers 212 (25A fuse) and 214 (LH ECU) are reversed.
• The same is true in the component listing below the picures.
• Also in listing, items 216 and 217 confuse LH 2.0 with LH 2.2/4. Items 216 and 217 are the fuel and main relays in LH 2.0. Later, the LH2.2/4 dual FI relay took over both functions and was assigned the 217 number in diagrams.
A possible correction:
• 216 fuel relay, LH 2.0 system.
• 217 main relay, LH 2.0 or FI relay LH2.2/4.
• 217 FI relay LH2.2/4 location not shown in pictures.


"To replace rear brake pads". Step 1 says Raise the front of the car... Should say Raise the rear of the car...

Before Performing any Work

Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

Volvo 240, B230 engine, crankshaft pulley bolt torque (page 215-5 correction)

Bentley Volvo 240 1983-1993 Repair Manual

Volvo 240 1983 - 1993 Service Manual (update list)


  1. Anonymous

    p 350-48, 350-49, 390-52 Air Conditioner part locations do not match wiring diagrams; example

    mircoswitch, No, 213 is given in index as  M5, but location is actually O2

    AC Receiver/driver, 223, is listed as L5, but is actually at N2

    1. Anonymous

      Above correction should read: p390-48,390-49.  Not 350-48,350-49.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm from Malaysia.. I use volvo 240 1990 model ..the engine was B200E

    This manual didn't cover B200E engine?

    Thank you




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