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My current email address is different than what eBahn Desktop thinks it is, but it won't let me change it. How can I update eBahn Desktop to recognize my current email address?

Applies to: eBahn 3

In order to update eBahn Desktop with your new email address, you need to do two things:

1. Update the email address on your account

  • go to the Member Center
  • click the 'Account' tab
  • change your email address in the 'Login Information' box
  • click 'Save Changes'. (This will log you out of the Member Center. You do not need to log back in to perform the next step.)

2. Update eBahn® Desktop's Profile information

  • open eBahn® Desktop
  • click 'License Manager' in the top menu
  • select 'Profile'
  • When asked if your computer is online, choose 'Yes'.
  • Click 'Next' (The next three pages will display the new information)


  • Your computer will need to be online to perform the second task.
  • Please update your existing profile with your new information rather than creating a new profile.
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