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What happens if my computer dies (hard drive failure or crash)?

Applies to: eBahn 3

eBahn Reader comes with 2 serial numbers (ending with "-000A" and "-000B"). If you choose, you can hold onto the second serial number and save it for backup instead of activating it on a second computer.

In the event of a system crash, or you get a new computer (and forget to de-activate), or if you need to re-format the hard drive - you can always use your second serial number (if you haven't already used it on another computer).

Since you aren't always able to predict a crash, you may lose one of your serial numbers if it was not transferred (see Deactivating For this reason, please do not use eBahn on a computer you know to be unstable.

If you can't deactivate the serial number because of a hard drive failure, please read through the following FAQ page and follow the steps to cancel and replace the serial number:

I have tried to deactivate and transfer my Serial Number, but it's not working. How to cancel (and replace) a Serial Number
Computer crashed, no de-activation code

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