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  • Can't activate after deactivation (device ID changed before deactivation)

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  • At some point you may perform a deactivation with the intent of activating the product on another computer, and the deactivation may appear to be successful.
  • When you then attempt to install using this deactivated serial number - the new activation key does not work.
  • Having eBahn Software Support cancel the old serial number and issue a replacement serial number does not resolve the issue.


  • Serial number is still listed as active on old computer on your Member Center profile
  • your eBahn License Manager indicates that the content is not activated
  • new serial numbers and activation keys (aka activation codes) will not work even after original licenses have been deactivated


New serial numbers and activation keys (issued after older ones are canceled) will not successfully activate the content if the License Manager "loses focus" before processing the correct activation key; ironically, this happens as soon as you attempt to retrieve the new activation key via email or the Member Center.


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