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Abstract: eBahn Reader software use DRM (digital rights management) to limit software piracy, and the cost of supporting pirated copies. The eBahn software activation "authorizes" your license serial number for the computer on which it is installed. You are issued two (2) serial numbers at time of purchase. Serial numbers can be moved from old computers to new computers through a process of "de-authorizing" or "deactivating" your computer.

Applies to: eBahn 3

eBahn License Transfer

The License Manager is how you manage your Serial Number (licenses) and the computers on which they are activated.   Activation ties a Serial Number to a specific computer.  The eBahn License Manager (within the desktop app) supports deactivating a serial number. You will then be able to install this eBahn license Serial Number on a new computer and activate it there. Once you have re-installed eBahn Desktop and the content for your vehicle on the new computer, the activation is the same process as it was when you first installed and activated your content.


Table of Contents

Step by step instructions


You will need to deactivate your vehicle license(s) before moving the eBahn software to a new computer. Deactivation is a two step process.

Deactivating a vehicle does not necessarily deactivate your eBahn software. You may have several vehicles licensed and only choose to activate certain ones on any particular computer i.e. activate one vehicle on the shop computer, activate a different one in the office

  Step One: Deactivate the vehicle license(s) in the eBahn software installed on your computer. Successful Deactivation will generate a Deactivation Code (or Key).

  Step Two: In the Member Center, Deactivate the license using the Deactivation Code provided in Step 1.


If your hard drive is no longer accessible and you can not perform Step One below to deactivate on your computer, please see for information about how to request a replacement serial number.

Step One: Deactivate on your computer (local deactivation)

  1. Open the 'eBahn' icon to start the program (on the PC where it is installed now).

  2. Click License Manager in the upper left corner and select Deactivate content.

  3. Click the Deactivate button.

  4. Select 'yes' or 'no' for Internet connection and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you select 'yes', eBahn will attempt to contact our servers, once local deactivation is complete, with your Deactivation Code.

  5. You will receive a Confirmation of Deactivation. Please read the warning on the screen. Once you are ready, select 'yes' and click 'Next'.

  6. You will receive a deactivation key. DO NOT LOSE this deactivation key or you will be unable to deactivate the serial number.


    If you close your License Manager before you are able to write down your deactivation code, don't worry. Just re-open the License Manager and select Activate Content to show all inactive content. Under the listing for the vehicle whose content you just deactivated, you will see the Deactivation Code:

Step Two: Deactivate the serial number through the Member Center

  1. Go to and click 'Member Center' at the top.

  2. Log in with your e-mail address and password.

  3. Click the 'Products' tab.

  4. Scroll down until your serial numbers are displayed. You will find a listing that looks like this:

  5. Verify if your serial number has been deactivated. Deactivated/inactive serial numbers will have a plus sign and say "Offline Activation" next to it, and "Inactive" underneath the serial number.

  6. If the serial number has not been deactivated, it will have a minus sign and say "Offline Deactivation", and "Active" underneath the serial number Click the "Offline Deactivation" button.

  7. Enter your deactivation key and click Deactivate.

    ----The serial number will now be deactivated and available for reactivation. You are allotted five transfers (deactivation and reactivation) per serial number per calendar year.

eBahn License Agreement

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