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Comment: eBahn 3 No Longer Supported (EOL 2018)

Download Center


Applies to: eBahn 3


Table of Contents

What is the Download Center?




Does it cost anything do download these files?

Currently, all .exe downloads are FREE. A license is required to access the information in the downloadable files. All downloads are available in the Member Center (

How do I access the information in the downloadable files?

In order to access the information, a license is required.

How do I get a license?




If I download an .exe for a vehicle, do I also have to download the eBahn® Reader (stand-alone)?

No. The .exe downloads for each vehicle will include:

  • eBahn® Reader
  • encrypted eBahn® content

Can I download the eBahn® Reader v.3.0 and use it with content from an old version of eBahn® (v.1.0, v.2.0 or v.2.5)?

No. eBahn® content is only compatible with an eBahn® Reader of the same major version. For instance, you cannot use v.2.0 content in the v.3 reader. If you have older content, you need to upgrade your license. See for more details. Note: Upgrades are only available within the same vehicle platform. For example, you can not upgrade a version 2.0 Volkswagen Passat (VW B5 platform) CD for a version 3.0 Audi TT (Audi TT platform), only the new eBahn® 3.0.

Can I download an .exe, burn it to a CD-ROM, then give it to a friend?

Yes. However, in order to view the content, your friend will need an eBahn® License for that vehicle.

If I already have eBahn® 3.0 for a particular vehicle, should I download one of these files to get updated content?

To update content, use the "Check for Updates" feature in your existing eBahn® 3.0 product. Open eBahn, and in the top menu, select Help > Check for Updates. You will be shown on-screen what updates are currently available for download. If your support time has expired, you can purchase a support extension on the pages below:

Audi Support Extension:
VW Support Extension:

Full eBahn Repair Manuals

eBahn® Content for all available vehicle platforms can also be purchased via download from the Download Center.

  • Register your profile in the Member Center
  • Download eBahn title(s) you want
  • Purchase serial number(s) for those titles in the Member Center

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When the file has downloaded, run the setup--.exe file and save the contents to your computer.

"eBahn Reader" only

If you are already an eBahn Desktop user, and simply want the most recent version of the eBahn Reader software, this download is available in two places.

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Please note that you will need to log in to our Member Center in order to view this page. If you have forgotten your password, please choose 'forgot your password' to have one emailed to you. Once you are logged in, click on the icon with EXE and save it to your computer. When the file has downloaded, run the install-ebahn-reader.exe file from your desktop and save it to your eBahn folder (default is C:\Program Files\eBahn).

eBahn Reader is available without charge, but will only function after installation if you are already a licensed and activated user.

No Longer Supported (EOL 2018)

Download Center
Download the latest eBahn® Reader software
Upgrade walkthrough
Purchasing Licenses for Other Vehicles
Downloading eBahn 3 Content from the Member Center

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