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Table of Contents


Upgrade Overview

Quick online upgrades are available through the Member Center. To upgrade your eBahn® Desktop manual from version 2 to version 3, you have to upgrade your repair manual content, eBahn® Reader and eBahn® License. If you have your older eBahn® Desktop CD-ROMs already registered to your Member Center Profile, all you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade. In most cases, online upgrades can take just a few minutes.

Upgrades for version 1 eBahn® manuals are no longer available. You will need to purchase version 3 as a new product.

Step 1 - Upgrade eBahn®



Upgrade your eBahn® Licence license through the online Upgrade Form in the Bentley Publishers Member Center. You will receive your new eBahn® Version 3 License serial numbers on-screen and via email.


From the License Manager in your eBahn® manual, activate your manual using your new eBahn® Version 3 LicenceLicense.

Step 5 - Ready to go!

Access and use your eBahn® Desktop Version 3 manual with:


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