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Table of Contents

Upgrade Overview

Quick online upgrades are available through the Member Center. To upgrade your eBahn® Desktop manual from version 2 to version 3, you have to upgrade your repair manual content, eBahn® Reader and eBahn® License. If you have your older eBahn® Desktop CD-ROMs already registered to your Member Center Profile, all you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade. In most cases, online upgrades can take just a few minutes.

Upgrades for version 1 eBahn® manuals are no longer available. You will need to purchase version 3 as a new product.

Step 1 - Upgrade eBahn® Licence

Upgrade your eBahn® Licence through the online Upgrade Form in the Bentley Publishers Member Center. You will receive your new eBahn® Version 3 License serial numbers on-screen and via email.

You can find the eBahn Upgrade form by clicking on the 'Products' tab and then clicking on 'eBahn upgrade'

Step 2 - Get your eBahn® Repair Content

Download your eBahn® repair information from the Download Center as an EXE file that can be downloaded to your computer.

You can navigate to this section by clicking on the 'Download Center' tab and then clicking on 'eBahn Repair Content'

Please note that you will need to log in to our Member Center in order to view this page. If you have forgotten your password, please choose 'forgot your password' to have one emailed to you. Once you are logged in, find the correct vehicle platform and click the exe icon to save it to your computer.  When the file has downloaded, run the setup--.exe file and save the contents to your computer.


If you have a slower internet connection, get your repair manual content with an eBahn® Desktop DVD using the Upgrade Form in the Member Center. These DVD-ROMs contain encrypted repair information for the available vehicles within a particular brand.

Step 3 - Install your eBahn® Repair Information

Install your eBahn® content from your download or Desktop DVD.

Step 4 - Activate your eBahn® Manual

From the License Manager in your eBahn® manual, activate your manual using your new eBahn® Version 3 Licence.

Step 5 - Ready to go!

Access and use your eBahn® Desktop Version 3 manual with:

  • updated repair information
  • online update functionality
  • new software tools
  • new license flexibility
  • upgraded eBahn® software
  • and much more

Benefits of Upgrading from eBahn 2 to eBahn 3:
Downloading eBahn 3 Content from the Member Center

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