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  • I have tried to deactivate and transfer my Serial Number, but it's not working. How to cancel (and replace) a Serial Number

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Abstract: Occasionally, it may not be possible to properly deactivate a Serial Number. As a last resort, you may be permitted to cancel one Serial Number and replace it with a new one.

Applies to: eBahn 3

How to properly Deactivate a Serial Number so that it may be re-activated on another computer

If you can still access the computer on which your eBahn software has been activated, please try and properly deactivate the software. This will free up the Serial Number for use on another machine, a reformatted hard drive, etc.

See for more details on how to properly deactivate and transfer a Serial Number.

Last resort - cancel and replace

Occasionally it is impossible to properly deactivate an eBahn Serial Number. A deactivation code cannot be obtained or for some reason it doesn't work to deactivate. In that case, you may be permitted to permanently cancel one Serial Number (for example, -000A) and issue yourself a new Serial Number (-000C). Because of the possibilities of abuse, use of this feature is limited to a plausible number of good faith re-issues.


  1. Go to the Member Center "Registered Products" tab. (If you are unsure of how to do this, please read It contains instructions on how to get to the Member Center, as well as how to properly deactivate your Serial Number if possible.

  2. Find the Serial Number that you cannot get a valid deactivation key for. Click on "Offline Deactivation", just as if you were going to deactivate with a deactivation key.

  3. Underneath the section for deactivation, there is a section to cancel the Serial Number. Enter the reason why you are unable to properly deactivate the Serial Number and click on "Cancel Sub-License".

  1. If approved, you will be given the option to replace that Serial Number with a new one. Read over the license agreement and click "Generate new Serial Number".

  2. If you do not wish to sign the license agreement at this time, click "Cancel". You will generally be able to add the new Serial Number at a later date. If so, a link to "Add Sub-License" will appear next to the main license description.

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