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Abstract: This article discusses camshaft position sensor fault codes and what to replace f codes are present.

Applies to: MINI Cooper and Cooper S: R55, R56, and R57 with the N12 and N14 engines produced up to 5/31/2009

Camshaft sensor fault cause

These faults can be caused by a faulty camshaft sensor or poor electrical connection.

The sensor may be damaged if the connector is loose, which could allow the blue sealing ring to be pushed out. If this occurs, the connector is no longer sealed against moisture.


If camshaft sensor faults are stored, work though all corresponding test plans, using the latest version of ISTA.

If any of the faults 2968, 296B, 2982, or 2983 are stored, follow the procedure below:

Replace the camshaft sensor (refer to the EPC) and the camshaft connector using P/N 12 52 7 590 939.

After the repairs are completed, perform a function check and clear the fault memory entries.

Before Performing any Work

Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle



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N12, N14 engines - Camshaft Sensor Fault Codes 2968, 296B, 2982, 2983

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