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  1. Anonymous

    Have a 72 280 mercedes and the heater won't turn on, Fuse appears good. Lever/switch is functional. Any ideas?

  2. Anonymous

    I also have a bad heater motor , I suspect it is the motor itself as it will continue to blow the fuse Please help

    1. You can place a 12v light bulb im place of the fuse. When the circuit shorts the bulb will light, (this will save fuses while diagnosing). When it is lit substitute or remove components from the circuit. If you suspect the blower motor, remove it from the circuit and place another 12v light bulb in its place. If the 12v ligt bulb goes out when you remove blower motor from circuit you have found your short.

      You can also remove the fuse and use a 12v test light connected to battery + to probe the circuit and look for parts of the harness shorting to ground. On the power side of the circuit, the test light should not light when connected to battery + and probing the circuit.

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