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Abstract: How to find engine code - VW Eurovan

Applies to: Volkswagen Eurovan MY 1992 - 2003 (T4) - North American market

Engine number, location

The engine number ("3 engine identification letters" and maximum "6-digit serial number") is located behind the cylinder head cover on the cylinder block.

There is also a sticker attached to the cylinder head cover with "engine identification letter" and "serial number."

The engine identification letter is also located on the vehicle data plate.

From m.y. 2000 the EuroVan engine number ("engine identification letter" and "serial number") -arrow- is located on the cylinder block next to the vibration damper. If more than 999 999 engines were produced under the same code, the first of the six characters is replaced with a letter.

Before Performing any Work


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How to find Engine Code - VW Eurovan

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