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Abstract: Adjustment procedure for rain light sensor sesnitivity to rain.

Applies to: MINI Cooper: 2007-2011 (R56, R55, R57) with rain light sensor


  • Turn igniton ON or idle engine with vehicle in park.
  • Press BC button on turn signal stalk to scroll throguh on-board computer menu until SET/INFO is displayed.
  • Once SET/INFO is displayed, press and hold BC button until menu changes.
  • Windhsield wiper symbol with letter A will appear.
  • Press and hold BC button to set.
  • Use BC button to choose desired setting.
  • Press and hold BC buttong to save setting.

Before Performing any Work

Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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How To Adjust Windshield Wiper Rain Sensor Sensitivity (VIDEO) - MINI Cooper R56, R55, R57

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for copying the handbook. What is the sensitive/less sensitive setting (left/right)? Your information is as useless as the handbook and the on-screen menu.


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