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Abstract: New Warranty Information related to High Pressure Fuel Pump (HDP) for Turbo vehicles (BMW 335i, 335xi with N54 engine)

Applies to: BMW 3 Series 2007-2008 - Turbo Models Only - Engine Codes:  N54    (platforms:  E90, E92, E93)

Additional Models:
MY 2007/2008 E60, E61 - 535i/535xi with N54 engine

MY 2008 E82, E88 - 135is with N54 engine

BMW Technical Bulletin SI B 13 03 09

Date: April 2009

Subject: BMW emissions warranty of the High Pressure Fuel Pump (HDP) has been extended from 4 years or 50,000 miles to 10 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first.


BMW has become aware of a potential problem that could affect the durability of the High Pressure Fuel Pump (HDP) of certain MY 2007/2008 BMW automobiles equipped with N54 engines. It is estimated that only a small percentage of vehicles will actually develop a problem. Vehicles affected may have the Service Engine Soon lamp illuminated with various low fuel pressure-related faults (e.g., 29DC, 29F1, 29F2 ) stored in the Engine Control Module (DME). Also, the affected vehicles may experience long cranking times or reduced engine performance (engine in failsafe mode) when the HDP malfunctions.


In the event that the High Pressure Fuel Pump of an MY 2007/2008 3 Series vehicle (335i/xi Sedan/Coupe/Convertible), MY 2007/2008 5 Series vehicle (535i/xi Sedan/Sports Wagon), or MY 2008 1 Series vehicle (135is Coupe/Convertible) with the N54 engine exhibits the symptoms listed above, it should be replaced with the improved part (P/N 13 51 7 592 881). For HDP diagnostic and replacing instructions, refer to SI B12 55 06 and RA 13 51 017, found in BMW TIS.

Emissions Warranty Information

  • The emissions warranty extension for this component applies to the above-listed models only, and is transferable to any subsequent purchaser of these models.
  • This extended emissions warranty is applicable to vehicles registered in all 50 states.
  • Warranty coverage for all other parts is not affected.
  • BMW will inform all affected owners of the above-listed models of their extended High Pressure Fuel Pump emissions warranty.

Before Performing any Work

Please read Cautions and Warnings before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

Technical Discussion Forums

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High Pressure Fuel Pump for Turbo vehicles - BMW 335i, 335xi


  1. Anonymous

    This vehicle range fits in with how many repairs I do on the fuel pump for 2007-2008 bmws

    San Diego BMW Service Repair
    8680 Miralani Dr, Suite 124, San Diego, CA
    (858) 635-9063?

  2. Anonymous

    My 2010 335i had a fuel pump issue with just 1200 miles on the car. BMW claims that the pump was not the issue, but rather the software that caused the "engine malfunction" light to come on. It also suffered the long crank when starting the car on cold days that was also symptomatic of the earlier fuel pump recalls. Let's hope that this a freak event and not a continuation of the now well reported problem with earlier models

    1. Anonymous

      I hope you get it fixed! My 335, Nov 08, has been in and out countless times with the same faults.  I have had the fuel pump relaced, the software flashed and it's gone back in again today.....alwasy seems ok for a while but after a period it starts again. This time I have asked them not to bring it back till it's repaired.

    2. Anonymous

      i have a 2008 335i, went in 5 times for the fuel pump issue with in a 12K mile range. BMW North America is buying back my car. LEMON APPROVED!.

      1. Anonymous

        Does it mean BMW does not know how to fix the problem? It sounds like they know that what could cause HDP to go bad. Question is what is the solution for it? Do I need to keep replacing the HDP? That's weird. What did you need to do to get them to buy back your car? Are you getting 100% money back or they are replacing your car with a newer model?

        1. There are problems with the high pressure pump and the low pressure in tank pump. Your dealer will have to determine which is at fault. Last I heard the high pressure pumps now being installed have been less problematic.

      2. Anonymous

        wow, you got them to buy back your car? Mine has been in and out of the shop since I bought it back in March 2007. First issue occured after just 5k miles! It now has 40k miles on it and I just recently got it back out of the shop to have the Fuel Pump replaced again. BMW corporate is working on my case, but it's been two months and they're still "Waiting for an answer from the appropriate people"!

      3. Anonymous

        Where did you make your application for lemon status?

      4. Anonymous

        I have a 335i 2007 and I'm now going in for my fifth High Pressure fuel pump and 2nd computer reprogramming.  How did you go about getting your car LEMON APPROVED!!

      5. Anonymous

        How did the buy back process work, did you use a Lemon Law Attorney.

    3. Anonymous

      I have a 535I 2008 BMW. I bought it 4-15-2010 It was a pre-owned car with 30 thousand miles ... This is and will be my last Turbo engine I will ever own. I have owned ( 2) 740IL,(2) 330I convertables, and (2) 528I BMW's The 535I that I purchased has been in the dealer-ship for a multitude of problems dealing with all the FUEL Pump problems that several models are having. This is and will be a on going problem with the (HPFP) every time they say my car will not have any more problems I end up taken it back. My 535I has been in the dealer-ship over 6 times since I have had it. The problems are the same, it seems to me that the fuel pump is not the only problem. I have a smell of gas comming through my ac vent when my car misfires are just going down the road, also I had my car to go into ENGINE MALFUNCTION MODE on the freeway when I was traveling the speed of 70 miles an hour comming off a bridge entering into traffic and my car completly turned off. Also the Radio just started changing channels and I could not get it to stop. If you have problems with your car you need to go and Google your year model and if you have a Turbo Engine type in for example on my car I Googled BMW 535I Turbo Engine Problems 2008 and you will see a Class Act law suite and all the problems that some people are having. I have my dealer working with me on a Trade Asst. but this is not a smooth process to go through. I now will contact my attorney if the dealership does not work with me on price of my Lemon I bought. If I would of known about the problems before, I would of never bought my car. Good luck to all the have this same on going problem. I just hope you get BMW to fix the problem that they (BMW) should tell all their customers about before they sale another car.

  3. Anonymous

    BMW promised to fix the situation and paid me $4000 to keep the car. The fuel pump and injectors were changed and it seems to be running smooth again.

    1. Anonymous

      You just think your problem is fixed. I was told the same but my 535I has been in the dealer for the very reasons and my car is still having alot of problems dealing with all the fuel things that are related. I have ask to do a trade asst. and now in that process. I bought my car 4-15-2010 and it is always at the dealer getting fixed. Just picked it up after BMW having it for a mth. and taken it back this sat. not even having it a week. My friend has a 335I and has 5 fuel pumps replaced and she has not had her car but 8mths. BMW has updated my car on every thing and then had to clean carbon build up out along with several other things. My car has been worked on 6 times if not 8 times and it still runs like crap.. Good luck to you

  4. Anonymous

    I recently had a "software fix" applied to the fuel pump problem in my 2010 135i. Since then I've seen about a 10% reduction in fuel economy. Has anyone else observed this? Doesn't it seem like EPA would be interested if the BMW fix reduced fuel economy?

    1. Anonymous

      I've had my software "upgraded" twice after Engine Malfunction.  Each time I noticed a reduction in fuel economy.  Last time it actually seemed to fix the problem but then here recently I was getting the error every morning on my way to work.  I've had the car back a week.... still getting the error so I guess I'm going back next week.  This time I actually know how to get the "Service Engine Soon" warning to come on too so hopefully this will give them more insight.... (like FIX the darn HPFP this time instead of just giving me new software and sending me on my way).  Not sure if the reduction in MPG is due to the software of just the fact that the fuel pump can't do it's job correctly and I'm having to change my driving habits to get around in Houston, TX traffic.....

      1. Anonymous

        Well I finally got both the Engine Malfunction and the Service Engine soon light to come on at the same time when I rolled into the dealership last Thursday. The service advisor called me back and said they were replacing 3 fuel injectors and they weren't going to have it done so they set me up with a rental ( apparently they were out of loaners (sad) ). So Friday he calls and tells me they replaced all the fuel injectors and went to test drive and the lights came back on. So they kept it through the weekend. At least they didn't try to upgrade my software for the third time... I REALLY hope that this fixes the problem. My husband drives a Ford and he laughs at me cause my car seems to be in the shop a lot. I miss being able to reliably pass just about any thing I wanted to on the highway with out having my car immediately go in "safe mode" the first time I stop afterwards.

        1. Anonymous

          Update... I got my car back on Friday. It seems they not only replaced the fuel injectors, but I got new spark plugs, bearing ledge intake and exhaust, profile gasket, cam shafts, solenoid valves, and camshaft hook ring seals. Apparently the camshafts were grooved. Oh and I'm guessing that they had to change the oil and filter since they probably had half the engine apart. Looks like they burned a 1/2 a tank of fuel test driving it, but I've driven it hard the past few days and no engine service light or engine malfunction light. Fingers Crossed that this actually fixed the problem. Fuel efficiency and response from pedal to take off seem to be better too (maybe the last part is my imagination.)

          It's interesting that this happens when the car is 51K miles, just after the regular warranty is up. I did have the extended warranty which I feel sure just paid for itself, if not in parts, in the $135/manhour of labor that was involved.

          I will post again if I have futher issues. I hope you won't be hearing from me again! (smile)

  5. Anonymous

    2009 335i purchased 6/09.   At ~11k miles, I started having the long crank problem mentioned on many boards along with the harsh A/T engagement into firts gear form a stop.  S/W flash seems to have taken care of the A/T issue, but there is still a noticable laboring to start cold vs. hot 10 mins later after I stop for coffee or gasoline.

    Anyone have a suggestion on what hardware replacement I need to start lobbying for with my dealer?  I see boards calling our the HPFP a lot, but some are also calling out the LPFP too.

    One other thing - how do I determine what platform and engine I have on my model?

    Thanks much.

    1. Anonymous

      I've had the same problems with my 2008 335i. Have about 35000 miles on car. Replaced 3 high flow fuel pumps and it's been reprogrammed a couple times. I've complained about the jerk when starting off in first gear(auto trans.). They checked it and said they couldn't find anything wrong. What is a S/W flash. Someone just backed into me at the gas station and after repairs I have noticed the bump or jerk in first gear again. If S/W means software reprogram, maybe that's my problem again. The repair shop said they had to have the computer reprogrammed. Maybe that caused the bump or jerk resurgence? Anyway, curious to hear what you have to say. At least the warranty has been extended so we can chase this problem merrily off into the future. Good luck. bh

      1. Anonymous

        This is an addition to my last post after the large truck and trailer backed into me at the gas station.  I drove to Tustin from Northern Calif.  I had noticed the car being hard to steer and pulling to the right after the $11,000 repair of the front end.  While driving to S. Calif., I noticed the headlights not shineing out far enough causing me to over drive the headlights.  When I got back from Tustin it seemed the emergency brake did not hold the car from rolling down the driveway unless you pulled with all your might to make the brake lever tight.  I took the car to BMW Concord about my new complaints including the new one about the transmission clunking when moving the gear shift from park to reverse and drive.  Forgot to mention the car is a BMW 2008 335i with approx. 40,000 miles now.  Anyway, BMW rep. knew of my problems and had them all down in the computer.  Then she let me know the car had a recall for the fuel injectors to be checked and replaced as necessary.  I had made the appt. a few days in advance and they had a BMW 328 loaner for me.  I picked my car up the next day and they had replaced 4 injectors.  Drove home to Napa and all seemed fine.  Now I'm planning another trip to Tustin to see if all goes well.  Wondering if the fuel mileage will improve or remain the same?  Oops, forgot to mention that BMW fixed the steering hard and pulling problem by aligning the wheels with 4 wheel alignment.  It's back to the way it should steer.  My insurance (AAA) reimbursed me for the repair!  Also forgot to mention that BMW adj. the hand brake but could not duplicate the other problems.  So, hopefully we're on our way to Tustin next week if the weather permits.  bh

  6. Anonymous

    I have a Jan. 2010 BMW 335i with 5,000 miles on it.  While driving to San Diego on the freeway, the engine/reduced power notice came up on the dash.  It said there was reduced engine power but you could continue to drive at a reduced speed.  While I was reading the notice, the engine stopped and I had to glide over 5 lanes with no power to reach the side of the freeway.  The dealer said it was the high injection fuel pump, which was suspected when the car was dropped off to the service department.  Is this not a recall issue?  BMW is aware of the problem.  Sound like Toyota syndrome?  I could have been killed.  What does it take.  Wake up BMW!

  7. Anonymous

    Purchased a 2008 335i BMW and after only three months of driving the service engine soon light appeared. This seems to be the same issue as many others are posting about. BMW is looking at the car today, hopeuflly it wont take too long to fix and they fully repair the issue.

  8. Anonymous

    My 535i had 2 High pressure Fuel Pumps fail and 1 lower pressure fuel pump fail, car is a flat out dog. Broke down on road twice 3rd time drove last two miles home at 20 mph. They repair and lie about the fix every time, they do not and I repeat do not know how to fix the problem. They actually blamed it on the French made fuel pumps, seriously are the Germans blaming the French for this. Can't wait to to get out of this lease. I tried to end 4 months early and the sterling customer service escalation team said no. Would not even give me the name of the decision maker so I could write a letter. Now I will make sure that everyone knows not to go BMW because of dishonesty of the problem, inability to fix their problems and crappy customer service.

  9. Anonymous

    Does anyone know who you have to talk to at BMW to apply for Lemon status?

    1. Anonymous

       I sued BMW of North America ref:  2005 M3 and won.  Each State has a different Lemon Law...It is called the Magnusson (something) act and there are stipulations built into the act.  Returning the car 3 times for the same thing constitutes hiring a lawyer and suing.  Usually, BMW of NA will settle out of court, buy the car back and give you money for your troubles.  They are very good at doing that when a lawyer is representing you.  If you just call BMW NA, nothing usually happens.  My case started in ILL and it worked fine.  I now own a 08 335i with a replaced High Pressure Fuel Pump and again, the car went into reduced power mode until I shut it off yesterday and restarted it.  It usually happens when you are below a 1/4 tank, so keep the tanks full of premium gas from a reputable gas station (with Techron)...If it happens 2 more times, off we go to the lawyers office.  It might take 3-6 months to get it done, but usually BMW will buy your car back and give you money for your troubles...I got 11,000 bucks back on the M3 (I had to pay the lawyer 4500 of it for lawyer fees) and they bought it back from me.

    2. Anonymous

      Hey Google the Lemon Law in your state, I have a 535I and ask for a trade asst program but it is not a easy process to go through are to get approved by the BMW main head office. BMW trioes to screw you on this to with the trade in numbers on your car. Now I went through the 1st process of talking with the GUY that handles the Trade Asst. at my dealer ship and picked out another car and through all of my time and taken off work to do so to get the ball rolling Bmw sold the car I picked to some other customer before my Trade Asst. was complete.. Now if they do not find the same kind of car, and give me a good number on the car I have I will have to seek legal advice...

  10. Anonymous

    Same problem in my 2009 335i. I got service engine soon in 5K miles. They reset the software. Half year later when car is in 9K, I got same problem and they replaced the HPFP. I'm considering to sue BMW.

  11. Anonymous

    There is a website for 335 owners experiencing these high-pressure fuel pump issues. It covers state lemon laws for all 50 states, lemon law information, and an attorney listing for lemon law attorney specializing in these issues.   They also have a VIDEO website that is very useful:  Check them out if your BMW turns out to be a "lemon" with these drivability issues.

  12. Anonymous

    Wow, I can relate reading all your comments. My 2007 335i had the same issues!. Within the first year (maybe under 10K miles), I saw the reduced power alert on the dash and said I can still drive at a reduced power. When I got to the parking lot, it completely died on me and had those long cranking sound everytime I started the engine and then died again. Had it towed to the nearest BMW dealership (SouthBay) where they supposedly replaced with an "improved" high pressure fuel pump. Now, 2 years after, 30K miles later ... I am back into the same predicament! This is supposed to be a good car ... what's going on  here? I am seriously getting nervous anytime I drive this car back on the road ... especially I do a lot of freeway driving!

  13. Anonymous

    I just purchased a certified pre-owned 2008 335i convertible, with 25k miles from BMW. I had it one week when I noticed the top wouldnt go all the way down. Don't want to go into that but they took it in and said they fixed it. Had to replace a motor and reset. One day in and out. No issue to note since. Yesterday morning I started the engine (kept covered in underground parking) and the service engine soon light came on immediately. I noticed an unfamiliar growl from the engine and the car was chugging so I pulled over and switched off the engine for 2 minutes. When I switched it back on the light had disappeared and the chugging had stopped. Brought it straight in to BMW nevertheless thinking it was the infamous fuel pump issue. As it turns out, I picked it up 2 days later and have found out they replaced all six high pressure injectors and spark plugs. I truely believe I have still to face the fuel pump issue and it's only a matter of time. Not sure why BMW just didn't pre-empt this when they were already taking apart my engine. Wouldnt that make sense?

    Besides that, still love the car and BMW have taken care of the issues quickly.

  14. Anonymous

    My 2008 335i is in the shop (and has been for four days) with a supposed "fule injector and/or spark plug" problem.  Apparently it has not yet been diagnosed.  After reading all the posts concerning this year and model I am sure the service manager is well aware of what the problem is. Incidentally, I have less than 11,000 miles on my car.  Similar issues, rough running after starting, no power, check engine light, etc.  SCARY to think of being on a highway or other busy traffic situations and losing power!  And BMW is OK with this?  I would love to sell it but probably no one wants them!

  15. Anonymous

    Hi,Iam looking to buy some BMW X5 High pressure Pumps for 3.0 Diesels.
    Does anyone know whwre I can purchase these pumps.

    If you have a contact PLEASE --PLEASE mail me directly with details.
    Thank you so much

  16. Anonymous

    Picked up my new 2011 BMW 335i Coupe last week. Yesterday morning I started the car and boom, Engine Malfunction! Only 245 miles on the car. And now it's in the shop since yesterday and I have not heard from the dealership. Is this an omen I should be concerned about. I though BMW fixed the fuel pump issue. Not a good start on a new car. Anyone else with 2011 problems?

    1. Anonymous

      Yes I have a 2011, just brought it in today...3500 miles engine malfunction drove it in to the dealership and couldnt get it up over 40 miles per hour! THe sad part is that this 335xi sedan is the REPLACEMENT CAR for my 2009 335 that had its fuel pump altered 4 times before i finally got BMW USA to do something about it...too bad the brand new replacement car is awful too...seriously cant wait to figure out how to dump this car without losing too much money. BE PREPARED...they will try to reprogram your car and it will never run properly will start strange and the fuel consumption will be awful...sorry to pass that along...

  17. Anonymous

    Big problem on my 2010 335ix. Twice, my vehicle has failed on the Pa. Turnpike leaving me stranded. The first time, i was told, they replaced the software. One week later, same thing happened. Very dangerous situation.

    The dealer told me that BMW will only replace the software or fuel pump but not both at the same time. I have about had it. By the way, get the service manager's cell phone. BMW Assist is a total joke.

    1. Anonymous

      If you have another BMW shop in your area, I'd call and talk to a service advisor there about what their procedures are concerning the recall. I recently took mine in (no problems, just for the recall) and they replaced my hpfp and did a software upgrade (which they had to attempt 2 or 3 times b/c it crashed), but they did both at the same time. No injectors - yet.

      I'm curious to know if anyone has had issues w/the low pressure fuel pump. I'm experiencing shudders whenever I hit the gas over 2k rpms, almost like a constant misfire or running over rumble strips, but it goes away once I've stopped/re-started the car. Doesn't always throw a light/code. I'm going to have the lpfp replaced anyway, in hopes of that fixing the problem.

      1. Anonymous

        I havent seen or heard of any problems with the low pressure fuel pump. If it feels like the engine is misfirng under a load there could be excessive carbon buildup on the intake valves.This happens becuase the engine is a direct injection engine and the fuel injectors spray directly into the combustion chamber and not onto the intake valves to help keep them clean. If the injectors have not been checked yet, it could be those too.

  18. Anonymous

      In one year my 2010 335i convertible has left me on the road stranded twice for the same issue (HPFP).  What a shame.... for the premium price, I  am glad I leased   it for only 2 years. No more of this ultimate breaking machine.

    1. Anonymous

      Mine is going back to the shop for the 3rd time in 4 months.

  19. Anonymous

    Does this apply to Canada?

  20. Anonymous

    Mine 2007 335i is going to the Dealer this week end,its start to happened three days ago. losted power,check Engine light on,after all this years i am proud of a BMW owner and i dont know what i am gonna do next? because all my cars are BMW made. 96 750 il,2005 745li,2004 330ci ,1995 525i and 2007 335i and i am crazy for BMW...Hope this first time is the last time i will go back

  21. Anonymous

    2008 335i M Package ... same thing for not doing good last winter ( Canadian winter .. ) ... got a new ok for a week.....back to the dealer, they told me everything was fine and that it was "normal" that the performance was down a bit with the new pump and that it was not running smooth .... it's my 3rd BM, the one before was a 2003 M3 SMG, had a problem with 2nd gear that they could not resolve ... i'm flying to Munich to tell them :( 

    1. Anonymous

      Waited out until the 2011 BMW 335xi arrived and was excited to finally own one.  I was told this model was rid of the HPFP problem.  Guess what leadies and gentlemen? It has been 3 weeks since I purchased this $70,000 loaded vehicle and currently only have 1100klms.......the engine went into malfunction mode and had no power!  The vehicle is now at BMW dealership and they have no idea what is wrong. The diagnoses at the dealership and from BMW came back clear.  I am furious.  You cannot drive over 40klm/hr and you might as well wear a helmet due to possible shut down creating embarrasment.  I will keep you posted.

  22. Anonymous

    I bought a BMW 335i CPO car 2 weeks ago with 54k miles on it. Today I lost engine power while crossing the traffic light, somehow it pulled to the nearest parking lot. I didn't notice any engine lights coming on. I called up BMW assist and they did schedule a towing, but after 5-10 mins I started the car again and it worked fine. I drove it back from work and cancelled the towing. Before the engine lost power I think I might have revved it upto 6000+ rpm. I had more than half a tank of gas in it.

    Should I be worried about the HPFP issue? I checked the carfax and it has no previous issues of HPFP. 

    1. Anonymous

      That last issue sounds like a boost leak...  If your running any mods, turn them down before it gets worse.

      when it finally does go, you will get limp mode after a 3000k shift, and costs about 8k on insurences tab.

      My 1/2008 335xi sedan i have got up to 4.038 in 0-60, but it has been in the shop every other month for 2 weeks at a clip.

      Fast, readily available parts, i would have kept my Range Rover if i wanted low end loaner cars to drive while paying an outstanding monthly payment.

  23. Anonymous

    I have 2009 335i with 23000 miles and have had 3 fuel pumps and 2 injectors replaced once and all 6 injectors replaced on last service. BMW had car for 13 days and finally seems to have solved the problem. Car seems quicker and engine is very smooth, however I am not all that happy with car being out of service for such a long period of time. Dealer worked hard to correct problem and I am grateful but BMW needs to make sure parts don't fail especially on $52,000 cars!!

  24. Anonymous

    Unfortunately...when BMW makes a major a new engine...(both on their motorcycles and cars)...they come to the market half baked.  It takes a couple of years to perfect the engines.  One heck of a way to treat your customers ...isn't it.

  25. Anonymous

    I have a 2007 335i that had the high pressure fuel pump replaced about a year ago and its currently in the shop getting the same pump replaced. Hope this one works.

    1. Anonymous

      I also have a 2007 335i that had the high pressure fuel pump replaced.  Mine was two years ago and the same hesitation/sputtering problem started again today.  This will be the 5th time I bring in my car for the same issue.  I thought they had solved the problem more than a year ago when they had to rebuild my engine (all under warranty).  I wonder if the new fuel pump is a real fix.  All I want is a nice car that I can trust that it will not break down on a long trip.  Perfectly engineered, what a joke. 

  26. Anonymous

        Part Numbers
    1. 13-51-7-537-320
    2. 13-51-7-585-655
    3. 13-51-7-592-881
    4. 13-51-7-596-123
    5. 13-51-7-594-943 
    6. 13-51-7-613-933 
    7. xx-xx-x-xxx-402 
    8. 13-51-7-616-170
    9. 13-51-7-616-446 

  27. Anonymous

    Loosing power to the car. I am scared to drive it knowing it caught fire because of this problem before please help I cannot find a lawyer that handles this kind of case and I'm. Ii oil BMW in for a check engine light they said it was the cam so I left it with them while they serviced. Went to pick it up and drove a mile down the road radiator hose busters took it right back and left it. Went to pick it up again drive about 4 miles down the road car looses power and smells like gas I turn around and head back and car is running horrible barely any power I have to let it glide most of way keep in mind it's smelling like gas strongly. I get near the dealer and it just shuts off we walk down there they call a tow truck and let's us know to tell him not to start the car because of the gas smell we tell him and this idiot tries anyway and catches it fire! They take it back And fix it even though it just had fire damage to my engine & take 9 weeks to fix it I go pick it up "even though I don't want that car anymore since I didn't take it up there with any of those problems" drive it for a day it's working fine. Then all of a sudden check engine light keeps coming on and

    Loosing power to the car. I am scared to drive it knowing it caught fire because of this problem before please help I cannot find a lawyer that handles this kind of case and I'm

    Paying 35,000 dollars for a car that's had all this damage done to it when I had nothing to do with it. I didn't buy my car like that not take it to the dealership


    That condition. HELP! Thank you.

    Paying 35,000 dollars for a car that's had all this damage done to it when I had nothing to do with it. I didn't buy my car like that not take it to the dealership
    That condition. HELP! Thank you.

  28. Anonymous

    I have a 2008 335i and at 28,000 miles started having problems with the fuel injectors misfiring.  Three went out,  one at a time, which meant the dealership would only fix one at a time.  It was inevitable that the other 3 would go sooner or later.   After the third time in the shop and after calls to BMW customer relations complaining, they replaced the rest of the injectors and spark plugs at which time they decided that the high pressure fuel pump should also be replaced.  This was at 32,000 miles and in June 2010.  (BMW sent letters out in October of 2010 stating the high pressure fuel pump may have issues and they extended the warranty to 120,000miles).  I suspected that they didn't have the system totally fixed when they replaced my high pressure fuel pump in June 2010. They installed part number 13517613933.  Sure enough last month at 58,000 miles another fuel injector misfired.  Once again, BMW only fixed the one that misfired.  The car was running like crap for the past month and actually shook when it started.  I called customer service two days ago, complaining, since I also wasted money on the extended maintenance plan which doesn't pay for itself; the dealership won't change the oil until the light in the car comes on (which i think they set for every 16,000 miles!).  I brought it back to the dealership and low and behold there was so much carbon build up under the engine and they had to replace the fuel pump again!   This time with part number 13517616170.  And they de-carbed the intake valves.  I picked it up tonight.  Let's hope this time it lasts...   

    I noticed someone posted all the part numbers.  I sure hope the one installed in my is the latest.  Can anyone confirm?? 

  29. Anonymous

    I have 07 335i with 140,000 Km on it. Before buying the car i test drove it and pushed it ?pretty good, and had no problems. Once i picked up the car, it was raining and pushed the car and i noticed once i passed 4k RPM the engine went into limp mode, and it felt like a 328i all of sudden, felt like i had no turbos anymore, no more boost. I called the dealer, went back he checked it and no codes came up. Its been about 2 months that i have had the car, and i could say 70% of the time that i push the car and pass the 4k RPM the engine goes into limp mode, i can shut the car off for a second, and turn it back on and everything goes back to normal. One other thing i have noticed is that when it goes into limp mode and i loose power the sound coming out of the exhaust really deepens and become twice as loud as normal. Does the engine shut down the turbo, and thats why it becomes loud? anyways that isnt the issue, the issue is that i loose power, and big orange check engine light comes on in the middle of my cluster, and goes away once i turn the car off and back on again. 

    What is the issue with my car?????

    I have not yet taken the car to BMW to have them look it over as i don't want to come back with a $ 2,000 bill in hand. 

    Please advise. 

  30. Anonymous

    I have a 2010 335i w/M-Sport Package.  Today was the first time i encountered this loss of power.  Like many on here i was on the throttle somewhere between 60-70% when the sputtering occurred.  Once the sputtering started the check engine light came on.  The weird thing is, unlike a few on here the sputtering stopped and light went off without me having to shut the engine off and restart.  After reading things on here it makes me wonder why am i paying $57,000 for a car that has this many issues.  When i bought this car i bought it like many for its sportiness and luxury all in one package.  Don't get me wrong this car is a gorgeous car, but whats the point of it being a good looking car if its in the shop, right?  Basically, i want to know is there anything i can do to maybe avoid encountering these issues or am i simply screwed like many 335i owners.  I would like to add that my car was taken in as part of the recall a while back(and they had it for over a month.  BMWNA did refund me my payment for that month).  I didnt mind so much the car being in the shop as the length of time it was in and the fact that i was given a 328i loaner that had nothing in it.  I was paying for a fully loaded 335i not a base model 328i(not being a snob, im just saying theres a huge difference between the two).  I did not get the extended as i figured its a BMW not a hyundai i should be good, right?  So far i guess ive been lucky but if i cant do some preventive maintenance im all for saving myself the time and hassle.  Any suggestions??

  31. Anonymous

    I have 2010 335XI with 37k and I had to change all 3 pumps on it already, WATER PUMP, OIL PRESSURE PUMP, AND FUEL PUMP. BMW is were not going to pay for the oil and fuel pump to be replaced, I paid for the 2 pumps my self. This issue with oil and Fuel pump started when the RECALL was replaced for the BATTERY WARES. I told BMW when the problem started and they took notice of it.


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