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Abstract: Front wheel bearing replacing.

Applies to: 2004 through 2009 Model Year Prius

  • Raise and support vehicle safely.
  • Remove front wheel.
  • Remove front wheel speed sensor.
  • Remove front brake caliper mounting bolts (arrows).
  • Remove and suspend brake caliper using stiff wire.
  • Remove front brake rotor.
  • Remove tie rod end from steering knuckle.
  • Remove lower ball joint fasteners and seperate ball joint from lower control arm.
  • Remove drive axle.
  • Remove strut bolts (arrows).
  • Remove steering knuckle from vehicle.
  • Mount steering knuckle in vise. Using a flat bladed screwdriver remove axle dust boot.
  • Using a ball joint press, remove ball joint from steering knuckle.
  • Remove wheel hub fateners (arrows) and remove wheel hub from steering knuckle.
  • Installation is reverse of removal.

    Torque Specifications


    Front wheel hub to steering knuckle

    56 Nm (41 ft-lb)

    Front lower ball joint to steering knuckle (castle nut)

    71 Nm (52 ft-lb)

    Lower ball joint to control arm

    89 Nm (66 ft-lb)

    Front strut to steering knuckle

    153 Nm (113 ft-lb)

    Front brake caliper to steering knuckle

    109 Nm (81 ft-lb)

    Front axle nut to wheel hub

    216 Nm (159 ft-lb)

    Wheel to wheel hub

    103 Nm (76 ft-lb)

    Tie rod end lock nut

    74 Nm (54 ft-lb)

    Ties rod end to steering knuckle

    49 Nm (36 ft-lb)

Before Performing any Work

Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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Front wheel hub - bearing, removing and installing


  1. Anonymous

    Toyota Prius gives you a ride comfortable enough. It may feel awkward about the potholed roads of the city, but not uncomfortable and it feels solid on the road. Based on the comprehensive management relaxed nature of the car, but the lack of feedback is a bit disturbing in a way. Body control could be tightened, too, but there are a lot of grip.

  2. Anonymous

    If you're just doing the wheel bearing, do not remove the knuckle from the car, if you do you'll need to get the front end aligned. Remove the caliper, rotor, and speed sensor, remove the  axle nut, remove the lower ball joint fastners, slide the axle out of the hub and move it to the side. Reattach the lower ball joint fastners, remove the inside dust shield carefully so you don't distort it. Using a slide hammer and axle adapter, pull the bearing out of the knuckle. If the bearing pulls apart and the hub comes out, attach the puller to the hub mounting screw holes and then pull the rest of the mounting hub out. Clean the knuckle opening well, use anti seize in the hole and on the new bearing. Don't forget to put on the backing shield before you remount the new bearing. Torque the bearing, using a large socket or a piece of pvc pipe cut squarely, align the opening on the inside dust shield with the opening for the speed sensor and tap it in so it seats squarely. If the shield is bent at all, it will hit the timing ring on the axle and make an awful racket. Loosely install the speed sensor to make sure it aligns correctly in the hole in the shield. Remove the sensor. Now reinstall and torque everything. After reassembly if you hear a grinding noise, check to see if the rotor backing plate/dust shield is hitting the rotor, bend as needed. GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the above post and direction to not remove the knuckle.. you are very kind to take the time to do this :) 

  4. Anonymous

    i don't know why they suggest removing the knuckle????

    remove brake caliper, rotor and then axle nut (should be done with air gun and don't forget opening up the tread)

    and then unbolt 4 bolts holding the hub.

    piece of cake!

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