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Abstract: This article lists cause and repair of faulty navigation screen message.

Applies to: Vehicles produced from 9/2006 to 12/30/2009 and equipped with CCC Car Communication Computer

R55 (Cooper Clubman, Cooper Clubman S)
R56 (Cooper, Cooper S)
R57 (Copper Convertible)


The navigation map DVD cannot be read or detected. The message "Please insert navigation DVD"
appears in the CID (Central Information Display). The navigation system is inoperative.


Faulty DVD drive; read error due to hardening of the anti-vibration gel on the read head


Ensure that the map DVD is not faulty by swapping it with a map DVD known to work.
If the map DVD is not the problem, replace the DVD drive as per repair instructions
Note: If the DVD drive is replaced, it is not necessary to replace the map DVD or program the vehicle.

Before Performing any Work

Please read Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle



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CCC Please Insert Navigation DVD appears on CID Screen

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