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Abstract: This article provides an overview of testing the BMW 5 Series Brake Pad Wear Indicator

Applies to: BMW 5 Series: 2004-2009 (E60, E61)

BMW E60 models utilize a 2-stage break pad wear sensor. The wear sensor is used along with sensor data to determine brake pad life and remaining time until service.

If the brake pad wear sensor is partially worn and reinstalled after replacing pads and/or rotors, you won't be able to reset the service indicator.

Brake Pad Wear Sensor, Testing

Shown Above: Visually inspect sensor. Check that body is intact and not worn.

Shown above: Sensor that shows wear

  • Disconnect sensor electrical connector.
  • Using a DVOM, measure resistance accross both terminals
  • Less than 5 ohms indicates a sensor with remaining service life
  • A reading of about 470 ohms indicates a partially worn sensor and requires replacement.
  • A reading of open circuit (infinity) indicates a worn out sensor requires replacement.


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Brake pad wear sensor testing BMW 5 Series E60


  1. Anonymous

    Thank You, solves a mystery for me

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you, it was a very useful information.

  3. Anonymous

    does it apply to e90 as well...thanks


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  5. Anonymous

    Very Nice. I'm going to cut the wire and solder a small resistor across it. Thanks


  6. Anonymous

    Dont do that, a full sensor is a short circuit, the resistor only comes into play when the short circuit is worn away.

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