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Abstract: General information for replacing a motor mount

Applies to: BMW X3 (E83) 2004- 2010

General information for replacing a motor mount

This article contains general information in regards to motor mount replacement. Note that this is not a step-by-step procedure and additional disassembly may be required to access the mounts from above. Motor mount replacement requires that the weight of the engine be supported from above. The right (passenger side) mount is accesible without additional disassembly. The left (driver side) mount is more difficullt to access from above. On this side, it may be easiset to remove the support bracket with the mount first.

If possible, support the weight of the engine from above, safely raise the vehicle on a lift, and access the mounts from below. 

The mounts are held to engine block brackets with self locking nuts and held to the front axle support with bolts.

  • Do not work on a hot engine. Observe safe workshop practices, including the use of hand and eye protection.
  • Always replace self-locking and aluminum fasteners.
  • Disconnect battery negative (minus) cable and cover cable end with insulating material.
  • Support engine from above using appropriate lifting equipment. Raise engine approx.10mm, or just until weight of the engine is supported. 

  • Remove self-locking nut from mount (arrow). Remove bolts holding mount to front axle support.
  • Raise engine slowly, just enough to remove mount. Check carefully for obstructions while raising engine.

  • Replace self locking nuts. Tighten to specification:


Tightening torque

Mount to mount bracket (M10 nut). . . 56 NM (41 ft-lb)

Mount to front axle support (M10 bolt). . . 38 Nm (28 ft-lb)

Replace self-locking nuts. Replace aluminum fasteners. Aluminum fasteners must be replaced anytime they are loosened.

  • Reconnect battery negative (minus) cable. Reinitialize door windows and sunroof.

Before Performing Any Work

 Please read all Warnings & Cautions before proceeding with any work on your vehicle.

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BMW X3 Motor Mounts, Replacing

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