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Abstract: Revised ATF service (drain and fill capacity)  for the A4S 310R, the A%S 360R, the A5S 390R, and the A5S 310Z automatic transmissions, reference page 240-08.

Applies to: BMW 5 Series 1997 - 2003 - 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder models (platform: E39)
A4S 310R (4 speed) used on 528i up to 09/99
A5S 360R (5 speed) used on 528i from 09/99

A5S 390R (5 speed) used on 525i up to 03/01

A5S 440Z (5 speed) used on 540i from 01/97

Recommended service procedure

A good way to be sure the correct amount of fluid is refilled is to measure the amount of fluid that was initially drained out. Of course this assumes the correct amount of fluid was in the transmission prior to draining.

When refilling, pump in the same amount of fluid that was initially drained out. Then follow the procedure in the manual for checking the ATF level (run engine until ATF temp reaches 30 - 50 degrees C, add fluid until is spills from fill hole). Recheck fluid level after driving car and shifting through all gears.


Use only transmission fluid approved for use by BMW. All other fluids will cause non-warrantable transmission damage.
Mixing different types of transmission fluids will lead to transmission failure.

Additional Models:

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Before Performing any Work

Please read Cautions and Warnings before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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BMW ATF Service - revised fluid capacities

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