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Abstract: Air Filter, Removing - 2004 Boxster S Special Edition

Applies to: 2004 Boxster S Special Edition - North American market

The following tech article was submitted by Stan G. of Cupertino, CA on October 23, 2008.

Air filter, replacing (2004 Porsche Boxster S, Special Edition)

Partially lower convertible top so that gap between top edge and the windshield trim is about 16 in.

– Detach top tension cable at rear on each side.

Unclip fabric covering on both sides of top to access hook-and-loop strap. Pull strap forward and attach to convertible top guide (to hold rear window up and out of the way) (arrow).

– Remove storage box.

– Remove carpet covering.

– Remove engine compartment lid.

Working on driver's side of engine compartment, remove two air filter cover screws (arrows).

– Remove air filter cover.

Remove single screw holding air filter in place (arrow).

– Push filter forward to release from air distribution inlet.

Maneuver filter carefully from filter housing.

With filter removed from, remove single screw from filter end cap.

Press filter locking tabs together (two sets of tabs) and pull filter end cap loose.

Press end cap onto new filter and attach screw.

Carefully maneuver new filter/end cap assembly into housing. Be sure new filter is securely pushed back onto air distribution inlet.

Author's Note

The above step is the toughest part in the whole procedure, so prepare to be patient, especially the first time you do this.

– Secure air filter assembly with screw that holds end cap to filter housing.

– Attach filter housing cover using two screws.

– Reassemble engine cover, carpet, storage box, and convertible top in reverse order of disassembly.

Before Performing any Work

Please read Cautions and Warnings before proceeding with any work on your vehicle

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Air Filter, Removing and Replacing - 2004 Boxster S Special Edition

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  1. Anonymous

    everytime a i buy a filter it comes with the end cap. Where can I find it without the end cap. I pay $30. I imagine it might be cheaper the way you describe it here.

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