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The August 2019 issue of Panorama magazine (the magazine of the Porsche Club of America) features a terrific story by Kieron Fennelly about Karl Ludvigsen and his significant revision and update of Porsche: Excellence Was Expected. The article gives insight into why Porsche: Excellence Was Expected is considered the definitive history of Porsche, and why Karl Ludvigsen is uniquely suited to tell Porsche's story. 

The revised 2019 edition of Excellence Was Expected will be published in September and is available for order now.

Porsche: Excellence Was Expected
2019 Edition, 4-volume set

by Karl Ludvigsen

To Order from Publisher

List price: $524.95

Read the article in Panorama here:

For emails: Excellence: Expected and Delivered - article in August 2019 issue of Panorama

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