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Porsche: Excellence Was Expected
2019 Edition, 4-volume set

by Karl Ludvigsen

List price: $524.95 (from Publisher)

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New for this edition:

  • Revised from beginning to end and updated through model year 2020
  • New 4th volume (up from 3 volumes)
  • 132 chapters (up from 66 chapters)
  • Over 1,000 additional pages
  • Hundreds of new color photos and illustrations, with nearly 3,000 photos and illustrations total
  • 12 new chapters covering 911 (Types 991 and 992), 918 Spyder, 919 Hybrid, Taycan and Porsche company evolution
  • 10 new chapters with updated coverage of Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera
  • 32 new Focus chapters highlighting fascinating people and rare Porsche cars through the decades
  • All new Porsche model timelines featuring exclusive color illustrations of key Porsche models from 1948-2020
  • Updated Competition Victories appendix

Featuring all new Porsche model timelines depicting the evolution of Porsche production and competition cars.

Every chapter has been updated and redesigned for this edition, including the additional of hundreds of new color photos and  illustrations.

According to Jim Donnelly, longtime Senior Editor of Hemmings Classic Car:

I'll say this right now: This is the finest, most authoritative marque history that I've ever read on any make of car, and from any author. I challenge anyone to dispute that. Retail on the four-volume set is $524.95. I know that's not cheap. Think of it as an investment in your field of automotive knowledge. It will be money well spent.

Porsche: Excellence Was Expected
2019 Edition, 4-volume set

by Karl Ludvigsen

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List price: $524.95


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