Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained used some of the math equations in Physics for Gearheads to explain the physics behind Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)s. Watch the whole video for a great explanation of the physics behind a CVT and look for Physics for Gearheads featured at minute mark 7:38 in the video.  


For more information on Physics for Gearheads, including the table of contents, an excerpt and much more, visit www.BentleyPublishers.com/physics.



Physics for Gearheads

An Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics, Energy, and Power - with Examples from Motorsports 

by Randy Beikmann

List price: $79.95

For emails: Physics for Gearheads featured in an Engineering Explained video https://wiki.bentleypublishers.com/x/IwDXBw

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