On April 7, 2016, in a ceremony held at the Techno Classica Essen in Essen, Germany, the German edition of 
Porsche - Origin of the Species was awarded a 2nd place in the automotive book design category.


The 2nd place award for automotive book design was awarded to the German edition of Porsche - Origin of the Species by the ADAC, the largest automobile club in Europe. 
Winners were chosen by a panel of judges consisting of automotive writers and  high ranking executives from leading European auto manufacturers. 

Bentley Publishers congratulates author Karl Ludvigsen and our German publishing partners, 
Delius Klasing on this exciting award, one of several that Porsche - Origin of the Species has won to date.

For more information on the award in German, it can be found here on the ADAC blog





Porsche - Origin of the Species (English language edition)

by Karl Ludvigsen

Hardcover, 356 pages
436 photos and illustrations
Bentley Book Code: GPGC

List Price: $119.95






For emails: German language edition of Porsche: Origin of the Species wins 2nd place from ADAC for design https://wiki.bentleypublishers.com/x/AgDQBw

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