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We've just gotten word of a terrific review of Ferdinand Porsche - Genesis of Genius by Karl Ludvigsen in the October 2010 issue of the academic journal Technology and Culture .

Although the full review is too long to post here, here's a brief excerpt:

"Many books have covered the history of Porsche and his designs from the 1930s onward, but a comprehensive account in English of Porsche's earlier years has not been available. It was worth the wait. Karl Ludvigsen worked in close consultation with Porsche's eldest grandson, Ernst Piëch, whose collection of written materials, drawings, and photographs constitute a major part of the book. The inclusion of many technical drawings from this collection usually resolves the occasional difficulties in following the verbal descriptions of chassis, engines, and other components - a common problem in technical histories. One of the highlights is a set of eight beautifully rendered cutaway drawings of Porsche's designs by Wolfgang Franke. Not only are these drawings useful for comprehending technical details, they stand as works of art in their own right . . . Automotive historians along with historians of twentieth-century mechanical technologies will find something of interest in virtually every one of these pages."

Read the full review here:

For emails: Terrific review of Karl Ludvigsen's Ferdinand Porsche book

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