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Abstract: This article describes door latch replacing

Applies to: MINI Cooper, Cooper S: 2004-2006

Driver door latch shown, passenger side similiar.
  • Remove door trim panel.
  • Partially remove rear rail of window regulator. See 512 Door Windows.
  • Remove outside door handle. See 515 Central Locking and Anti-theft.
  • Remove Bowden cable from mounts (A) and feed in to door through opening (B).
  • Remove rubber plug (A) and fastener (B) beneath it.
  • Working inside door and door latch, disconnect electrical connector (A) and remove latch linkage (B) in direction of arrow.
  • Remove door latch fasteners (A).
  • While supporting door latch from inside door, slide lock cylinder (A) in direction of arrow and remove door latch from door.
  • Installation is reverse of removal. If replacing door latch use following steps:
  • Remove fastener (A) and door lock lever (B). Remove cable guide (C). Install on new door latch.
  • Open cover (A) in direction of arrow. Disconnect Bowden cable in areas (B) door latch.
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2002 - 2006 MINI Cooper Door latch, removing and installing

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