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When I Enter My VIN the Wrong Model Year Comes Up

It is possible that vehicles sold in the US and Canada were built at a Production Date this database assigns to a different Model Year (MY) than the VIN. The production date still qualifies the vehicles' Model Year, consistent with NHTSA standards. In all cases, the VIN on the vehicle determines model year. For example, 2004MY vehicles carry "4" as the 10th digit.

You may see this same inconsistency with models of vehicles built early or late in a production range.

When using eBahn for Service information, it's always best to work from the VIN of the individual vehicle and accept the vehicle data from the results returned in the online Update. The eBahn data is associated with the Sales Model, Engine Code, etc., that the Update returns. If the field for Model Year displays a different value than the VIN, disregard that one field, only. All other information should be correct.

If you look in eBahn for a vehicle by completing Vehicle Identification fields, instead of VIN, be careful that Model Year, Sales Model, Engine Code, etc. are correct for the vehicle. There may be cases of vehicles where these fields are only associated with earlier or later model years. If you enter Model Year and do not seen the correct Sales Model or Engine Code, you may have to select a different Model Year to get the correct information.

When I Enter My VIN the Wrong Model Year Comes Up

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