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Abstract: This article describes product registration and/or member center registration with Bentley Publishers.


Product Registration

eBahn Registration

Registration is free of charge. eBahn registration is happens automatically when you activate your eBahn® Desktop software online.

Registering with a valid email address enables us to give you online software technical support. Registration also allows for content and software upgrades through the "Check for Updates" function in eBahn. Version 3.0. You'll also be able to manage your eBahn® manuals, participate in online technical discussions and much more.

eBahn Registration Form

Book Registration

If you have a serial number in the back of your book, you can use this to register you ownership of a book with us.

Repair Manual Registration

Why is "Registration" of Electronic Products required for activation?

First, registration is actually not required to use Bentley Publishers products, but is is required for support and updates. Over the years, we have had a serious amount of bootlegging – and we simply cannot afford to support bootlegged product.

Second, in the case of eBahn software, additional identification of our users allows us to be much more flexible in re-issuing serial numbers, helping with transfers, and other efforts to try to support our users – steps that could easily end up being used to make illegal copies of software.

What is the information you are looking for?

  • Name
  • Address
  • email
  • Telephone (to help us call you back if we are interrupted)

Tech Forums

Technical Forums are open for browsing to the public without authentication. To be a contributor, we ask for basic email & nickname. This partial registration is fine for participating in discussion forums but we ask for full contact information for technical support and other benefits of registration (special book discounts, etc.)

Registered owners of our publications receive higher priority from Bentley editors in tech support forums.


We have never (in more than 50 years) sold, rented, or given an outsider access to our customer lists or other customer information.

Spam - You can set your email preference in the member center, and can often opt in/out of mailings during registration.

Benefits of Paper Repair Manual (marketing)

Product Registration Form

Repair Manual Support Policy

Software Support - Conditions and Limits

Privacy Policy


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