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Purchasing Licenses for Other Vehicles

Applies to: eBahn 3

eBahn 3 Software - End of Life 2018

eBahn 3 - End of Life Notice (EOL 2018) End of Support April 2020

eBahn 3 software was discontinued in 2017.  Software EOL was 2018.  With the end of Microsoft's Support for Windows 7 on Jan 14, 2020, we have discontinue support for eBahn.

All technical support information on this website has been left as a courtesy without any representations about applicability or usefulness, and it assumes eBahn version 3.1.0 or higher.

Purchasing Licenses for Other Vehicles

The most recent versions of eBahn® Desktop are shipped as a 2-DVD package. Only one of the DVDs contains the vehicle you have purchased.

When you purchase an eBahn product, you are purchasing License Serial Numbers (which come in pairs) to access repair manual information for a specific vehicle platform. The DVD sets include multiple vehicle platforms for that make (Volkswagen or Audi) but you will only have access to the content for which you have a License Serial Number.

How do I activate additional eBahn® repair manuals from my DVD-ROM?

If you own an eBahn® Desktop DVD, you already have the the encrypted repair manual content for all of the vehicles listed on the face of your DVD-ROM.

To access the information in each individual manual, you will need the appropriate eBahn® License Serial Number.

You can purchase an eBahn® License for the manual you wish to unlock

Installing a new vehicle platform

1. Insert the eBahn® Desktop DVD with the vehicle you want to install. Vehicles are listed on the DVD itself.
2. Run through the installation process. You will be asked if you have an eBahn® Serial Number and subsequently be prompted to enter it. Use one of the eBahn® License Serial Numbers you purchased from
3. Install the manual onto your computer. If your computer is online, eBahn® will attempt to automatically activate your license.

Downloading vehicle platform content online

You can also download eBahn vehicle content information from our Member Center here.

Please note that you will need to log in to our Member Center in order to view this page. If you have forgotten your password, please choose 'forgot your password' to have one emailed to you. Once you are logged in, find the correct vehicle platform and click the exe icon to save it to your computer. When the file has downloaded, run the setup--.exe file and save the contents to your computer.

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Purchasing Licenses for Other Vehicles

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