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Abstract: This article, and its child articles, address policy and technical issues related to the Microsoft Vista Operating System.

Applies to: eBahn 3, Windows Vista, Vista Service Pack 1


Microsoft Vista Compatibility Statement

MOST Vista users are now running eBahn® 3 successfully, however eBahn® is not yet officially Vista compatible. Some known problems still exist, and while we do have solutions for most problems, it's possible that eBahn® will not run satisfactorily on any given Vista installation.

Known Vista issues with solutions can be found in the Known technical issues section of this site.

Known Issues

eBahn 3 does not yet officially support MS Vista. MOST Vista users (before Service Pack 1), however, are now running eBahn successfully. While we don't officially support Vista yet, we are interested in as much feedback as possible and will try to help you work through any issues. Please be very explicit about the your operating system version in your support request. Specific setup instructions can be found below, and other known Vista issues with solutions can be found in the Known Technical Issues section of this site.

In addition, some issues are covered in child pages of this page. Please use the search box within this page to look for your issue if it you do not immediately see a heading that covers it.

Vista Tips

Please Note:

  • During the installation you will be prompted to install a web browser plugin called "DjVu" - you will need to install this component in order to view wiring diagrams, technical bulletins, maintenance schedules and other repair information.
  • eBahn® Reader currently needs to be "Run as Administrator" on Vista.
    • On your Vista PC desktop, click on the eBahn® Reader icon to select it
    • Right mouse click
    • Click on the "Properties" option in the right click window. A window will pop up titled "eBahn Reader Properties"
    • Click on the tab marked "Compatibility." Towards the bottom of the screen you will see an option for "Privilege Level"
    • Click on the option to "Run this program as Administrator"
    • Click the "Apply" button to save this setting change
    • Click the "Ok" button, the eBahn® Reader Properties window will now close

see also
See, Vista - Turning the User Accounts Control "ON" in Vista

Vista x64

Vista 64 bit Compatibility


  • We welcome feedback from Vista users. eBahn® version 3.1 will work for most Vista users.

Download Latest eBahn

The latest version of eBahn® Reader is the best choice for trying to run on Vista: For registered users (with valid email addresses), updating to eBahn® Version 3.1 is made available by download without charge:

Media kits (DVDs) with new software will also be available for our standard media kit fees

     eBahn Desktop - Audi Vehicles:
     eBahn Desktop - Volkswagen Vehicles:

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