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Abstract: Documentation of the known issues found in eBahn Web.


Platforms and Browsers Tested


Windows 8.1 - Internet Explorer 11 (Win8/IE)

Windows 8.1 - Firefox 32 (Win8/Fi)

Windows 8.1 - Chrome 37 (Win8/Ch)

Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 11 (Win7/IE)

Windows 7 - Firefox 32 (Win7/Fi)

Windows 7 - Chrome 37 (Win7/Ch)

Windows 7 - Safari 5 (Win7/Sa)

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 - Safari 6 (Mac/Sa)

iPhone 6 - iOS 8.0.2 - Safari browser (iPhone6/Sa) NOT RECOMMENDED

iPhone 4 - iOS 7.1.1 - Safari browser (iPhone4/Sa) NOT RECOMMENDED

iPad 2 - iOS 7.1.1 - Safari browser (iPad2/Sa) NOT RECOMMENDED

iPad 2 - iOS 7.1.1 - Chrome browser (iPad2/Ch) NOT RECOMMENDED

Kindle Fire - Amazon Silk browser (KF/Si) NOT RECOMMENDED


Known Issues

The issues listed below have been verified in one or more "Platform and Browser" configuration. Please see the note below each issue to see which "Platform and Browser" configuration is affected.


User Interface Issues

  • Cannot resize left-hand tab pane. Some long titles in the tree view cannot be seen in their entirety.
    Verified issue on: (Win8/Fi), (Win8/Ch), (Win7/Fi), (Win7/Ch), (Win7/Sa), (Mac/Sa), (iPhone6/Sa), (iPhone4/Sa), (iPad2/Sa), (iPad2/Ch), (KF/Si)

Main Toolbar issues

  • Bookmark button doesn't do anything.
    Verified issue on: (Win8/IE), (Win8/Ch), (Win7/Ch), (Win7/Sa), (Mac/Sa), (iPhone6/Sa), (iPhone4/Sa), (iPad2/Sa), (iPad2/Ch), (KF/Si)

Content Functionality issues

  • Links to Component Locations on Wiring Diagrams (little blue boxes) not working
    Verified issue on: (Win8/Fi), (Win8/Ch), (Win7/Fi), (Win7/Ch), (Mac/Ch)

    WORKAROUND 1 Manually navigate to specified Component Location
    Verified workaround on: All

     Chrome for Windows uses a custom PDF viewer plugin called "Chrome PDF Viewer".  The issue is occurring, in Chrome, because this Reader does not know how to handle these links.  To get it to work in Chrome for Windows, navigate to chrome://plugins in Chrome, disable the "Chrome PDF Viewer" and enable the "Acrobat Reader" plugin.  "Acrobat Reader" in Chrome for Windows handles these links well.
    Verified workaround on: (Win8/Ch), (Win7/Ch) 


  • Issue viewing "Volkswagen Acronym Glossary" and "Audi Acronym Glossary"
    Does not load at all Verified on: (Win8/Fi), (Win7/FF)

    Does not load until after loading other PDF content Verified on: (Win8/Ch), (Win7/Ch), (Mac/Sa)


  • When the VW or Audi Acronym Glossary is the first PDF content you view, it breaks (can't view) all other PDF content.
    Verified issue on: (Win7/Ch), (Mac/Sa), (iPad2/Sa), (iPad2/Ch)

    WORKAROUND Log out, close browser, try again (and don't load Acronym Glossary first)
    Verified workaround on: (Win7/Ch), (Mac/Sa), (iPad2/Sa), (iPad2/Ch)


  • Cannot scroll in multi-page PDF content such as Wiring Diagrams, Technical Bulletins, Campaign Circulars, etc. (not even with two-finger scroll)
    Verified issue on: (iPhone6/Sa), (iPhone4/Sa), (iPad2/Sa), (iPad2/Ch)

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