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Paper Manuals

Errata, Minor Updates & Corrections

"Errata" is a traditional publishing term that refers to a publisher's correction or update to a already printed book, which is made available to owners of that book.

To see if "Errata" pages have been issued for your manual, please check:

You can usually also see a link to updates and corrections ("Errata") under the main product page for a given manual.

In this example, the new information is published here:

Major Updates

When years of coverage are added to a manual, we attempt to change/update information that applies to earlier vehicles. An updated edition of a manual for a vehicle (i.e. same basic manual, with the same starting year, but additional years added), are available to registered owners at a 50% discount from list price.

Repair Manual - Upgrade & Support Policy

What to do if you think you have found an error

Please go to our feedback page and submit the error,

Electronic Products

Please submit feedback using the form located at:

Please select appropriate subject from pull down list.

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Errata Index
Repair Manual - Upgrade & Support Policy

Errata, Corrections, Updates

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